Sunday Shame: Every Parents Worse Nightmare Edition

I will admit that I am probably getting some of the bad single person karma back now that I am a mother.  Yep, I used to be the aunt that would look for the loudest toy that I could find for Christmas and birthday presents.  I would laugh fiendishly with thoughts of  parents frustration at the sound of a high pitched squeaking toy.  One year, I even went as far as to get my friends son a drum set. Yes, yes I did.  And it was not one of the ordinary drum sets — it was an electronic one, which meant there were LOUD preset rhythms that her little boy could play over and over again. He took to it immediately, which made it a nightmare for her until she finally decided to accidentally break  said drum set. 

Tricia M has become the bane of my existence.  Every Friday we take our kids to preschool, and it first she was just one of those cool moms that I liked.  You know, the kind that isn’t always perfect and fun to be around.  She is creative and quirky and loves vampires – and so I naturally thought, what’s not to love there.  It is not very often that I really get along with the parents of my children’s friends.  I should have known it was too good to be true.

There we were sitting on the porch chatting and laughing when Tricia M did the unthinkable – she introduced Mayhem to the word:


image No your eyes did not deceive you.  As a fan of the show “The Big Bang Theory,”  yelling BAZINGA is supposedly funny after getting someone with a witty quip.  Did she think about how it might traumatize my child to learn the favourite word of Hollywood’s greatest nerd…NO.  Instead, it was all about teaching my little Mayhem a word that would drive me around the bend.  Yes, now he loudly yells, BAZINGA  with a sparkle in his eye and the cutest evil baby laugh you have ever heard.

Do you see how I have been wronged?  It would have been karma had Tricia M chosen to give my little Mayhem a loud toy.  At least then, I would have had the option to hide the batteries—but how am I to escape a word that he has come to love saying?  There is no escape from BAZINGA. I tell you, there is no justice in this world.  In all fairness I did get Tricia M’s daughter hooked on water guns, but I really do believe that BAZINGA is playing dirty, and constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Well dear readers, I leave to you to decide who has wronged who more.  I am quite sure that you will decide that the punishment inflicted upon me is beyond the pale.  Winter will come and her daughter will put her water gun away whereas; BAZINGA could go on for years unabated.  I do believe that Tricia M should be ashamed of what she has done to our little family.  After you are done weighing in, I think those of you who are guilty of subjecting parents to cruelty should fess up to your shame.  Yes I am talk to you, yes you.  I know that you have a history of loading the up the little dears with sugar and sending them home.  Fess up now, before karma comes for you.  Cue ominous music.


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One comment on “Sunday Shame: Every Parents Worse Nightmare Edition
  1. Janeece says:

    I might be bentiag a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!