Sunday Shame: Doggie Slipper Edition

It seems that my beloved Sparky and Gus, AKA Allison McCarthy both believe that I have serious shoe issues.  I never been one of those girls that goes shoe gaga, as my love of crocs proves.  Now that it is fall, I have moved to my super comfy state.

 Yes, those are my comfy slippers.  I absolutely love them and refuse to believe that there is anything shameful about them.  I love them so much, that I have no problem sitting on my front porch and wearing them while I am having my morning tea.  This means that my neighbors (much to Sparky’s horror) are well aware that I wear them.  Each year, new fluffy animal slippers are the first thing on my x-mas list.  The unhusband is well aware that if I don’t open a pair of animal slippers on Christmas morning, that I will be greatly disappointed. 

As I was crowing about my love of my fuzzy doggies slippers, I was told my Gus aka Allison McCarthy that they rise to the level of Sunday Shame, this btw from the queen of Sunday Shame.  If you go through the archives, you will see that no one has been shamed as much as Allison has, so I believe that her taste is dubious to say the least. Clearly we need a ruling, I believe that the slippers should elicit joy and not shame and if you agree, I say this is Allison’s and Sparky’s shame and not mine. Hit me up in the comments and let me know whose shame it is, and while you are at it, don’t forget to share what your comfy slippers look like.

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