Sunday Shame: Deep Fryer Edition


My neighbour recently knocked on my door to enquire on whether or not I owned a deep fryer.  Years before my unmonther in-law had given us one for Christmas but I left it behind in one of our moves.  The deep fryer has never had a fascination for me because every time I see one, I think of my arteries clogging.

It seems I am quite alone in my fryer disgust.   He went on to list the “wonderful” things that can be produced in the heart attack machine.  I DON’T GET IT.  Why in the hell do people need to deep fry chocolate bars, or fry ice cream.  Doesn’t Mac N Cheese have enough fat in it without breading it and then tossing it into a deep fryer?  Just the thought of that is enough to curdle my stomach.

This past Thanksgiving the unhuband even tried to talk me into frying our turkey.  Turkey is one of the leanest meats that y0u can eat, why oh why, would you want to cook it in a vat of oil?   It is probably the most healthy item on a Thanksgiving day plate.

I absolutely refuse to replace the deep fryer.  If the kids want French Fries we can bake them in the oven.  I have no desire to deep fry a meatloaf or any other concoction that the unhusband may come up with.

Okay you deep fryer fanatics…what are you dousing in oil?  I want to hear about your homemade corndogs and any other concoctions that you have come up with.  I will probably not eat much today reading this thread, but I have to admit that it fascinates me to know what people are frying.

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