Sunday Shame: 70’s vs. 80’s Edition

I spend quite about of time chatting with Sparky.  As I have said on previous posts, the man is hilarious.  In fact as proof of this, I offer the fact that in a recent conversation Sparky claimed that 80’s music is better than 70’s music.  I repeat 80’s music better than 70’s music.   I suppose everyone is allowed to just go right off the deep end occasionally but WOW….From fashion, to movies to music, the eighties is the decade we are busy trying to pretend never happened.  I don’t think the earth will ever forgive us for all of the hairspray used during that decade alone.   I get that big hair was needed because with the boxy clothes and shoulder pads, everyone looked like their head was the size of a peanut.

The 70’s were the decade of Motown, great classic rock, as well as a few awesome disco hits that people are still getting their groove onto.  Yes I said it.  Even disco tops some of the shite that we were told was music in the eighties.  As proof I offer: The Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive


Then of course you have Classics like The Wall, released in 1979, so yeah it counts ha ha ha ha


Of course I have to offer some Motown because they were busy makin everyone feel good.  How many babies were made to Let’s Get it On?


What would a conversation about the 70’s be without a Rock anthem that the decade was famous for?  That’s right, Kashmir Led Zeppelin

No matter what genre of music that you look at in the 70’s, you will find something innovative and memorable, whereas the 80’s were filled with big haired rock bands putting out the same sort of clone music over and over.  The 80’s are the decade that should quickly be swept away by the sands of time.  And with no further ado, I turn you over to Sparky because I feel that I have more than made my point.

It is rare that Renee and I disagree about things, in our random exchanges of randomness we can cover a lot of topics (quite randomly) and we seem to read off the same page most of the time – so imagine my horror in discovering that  Renee (quite possibly as a result of severe trauma from a beaver attack) has truly distressing taste in music.

While this can be advantageous – she has offered to kidnap me a sexy Canadian if I will ship her George Michael (I’m looking for the perfect candidate) – it does not compensate the sheer horror of her defending the 70s. The 70s people! The era of disco and blah rock! Help me start an intervention already!

Now I thought my love of the 80s was pretty worthy of a Sunday shame  – after all, I am a fan of Roxette, Meat Loaf, Heart, Vixen, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Rainbow. I’ll even listen to Bonnie Tyler – (Though I will fiercely deny under torture any allegations about singing into hairbrushes *ahem*) I think everyone will agree that no-one with that line up is exactly shame free. (And yes, I know some of them are a little 70s-ish. but they’re good 70s. Because I said so :p)

So, I present the following to counter  Renee’s insomnia-remedying offerings and recruit help in setting her feet on the right path. I challenge anyone to watch them and NOT want to belt out the song at the top of their lungs. (using hair cares accessories as microphones optional)

Heart – Alone


Alice Cooper – Poison (yeah he was in the 70s – but THIS was 80s. So it counts)

Bon Jovi, of course, has to get the nod


And of course, one of my all time favourites -Meat Loaf. One of his many many EXCELLENT songs

Well dear readers the epic battle is completed and it is time for you to weigh in.  Which one of us should truly be ashamed of our music choices? 

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