Striptease For PETA


In a bid to prevent animal cruelty PETA has continually sexualized women. Examples can be found here and here.   While their concern for animals is admiral reducing women to sex objects to sell their message is unacceptable.  Why should a dog or a cat get more respect than a human female?  In their latest assault on women they are offering a striptease quizz.  If you get all of their questions correct you are rewarded by seeing a topless woman. 

This bullshit has to come to an end. It’s time for PETA to adopt a little PETW (People for the ethical treatment of women) Pimping womens bodies to prevent cruelty to animals is an injustice, and is just plain sick.  Until you learn that women have value PETA, not a dime will you receive from me. I simply cannot support an organization, no matter how worthy the cause that thinks pimping women is the way to raise awareness. Guess what, women matter as much as FIDO.

H/T Feministing.

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