According To Jim Rome, Strippers Hate Their Daddy's

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I was originally just going to post a response to this  at BlackPerspective,  but after polluting my ears with this video and reading the following commentary, “Rome can be annoying, but he hits gold sometimes; and this is just about my all time favourite rant of his – it’s too true. Come on.” I decided to respond on my blog.

Well, let’s start out with the fact that Jim Rome says,”Hey, listen I don’t really know any strippers personally and I have never really had a conversation with  a stripper about this kind of thing but I think that we are all pretty safe in assuming that strippers hate their dads. Why do you think they became strippers because they had a good relationship with their father? Because they respected where he was coming from?”

Once again it is all about the men. Unless daddy gives you permission at the altar to be a sexual being, or perform in a sexual way, it is simply unacceptable. Women couldn’t possibly choose to get into sex work because they enjoy it could they? The only two reasons to become a stripper is to feed a drug addiction, or to exact revenge upon daddy for his obvious neglect of his patriarchal duties.  Dear old dad should have no say on what a grown woman chooses to do with her body, and furthermore women are more than capable of making decisions outside of male considerations. Sometimes what is best for a man is not best for a woman.

“What is the worst nightmare that a father could have is that his daughter could become a stripper.”

Of course the worst fear is not that she could be physically, or sexually assaulted.  It is certainly not that she faces a lifetime of systemic inequality as a direct result of patriarchy. Nope, the only supposed nightmare is that she might show her tits and shake a little ass to pay the rent and feed herself.  How can a man possibly embrace a daughter that believes that she has the right to decide what is and isn’t appropriate for her to do? 

Daddy’s don’t love sluts. The best way to retain the love and respect of a father is to sit pretty, preferably with your legs closed, speaking only when spoken to.  When are daughters ever going to learn that their lives are not about them. Womens lives from birth to death are meant to be about fulfilling the wishes of men.  If Daddy wants chastity and you’re feeling horny, you had better learn to masturbate quietly in a dark room, because dick  without permission is strictly a no no.  There is no point calling out the sweaty men that sit in pervert ally for their depravations, because everyone knows that it is women that are expected to be the moral regulators of sex and sexuality. Men may have their finger on the button but when faced with a snatch they suddenly loose the ability to think clearly.  I actually find that amusing considering it is common to hear that a woman could not be president because of hormones, but I suppose being led through your life by your genitals is ok, as long as it is a dick doing  the leading.

OOH twisting knife. I can already hear the trolls calling me a man hater. How dare I challenge their right to enforce appropriate morals (read: social chastity belts) on women?  I must be a slut myself for refusing to agree that all sex work is degrading. yeah, yeah, yeah.  Slut shaming is something that patriarchy excels at.  Sex is an essential drive and to discipline it in this way is to assert a large degree of control over someone’s life. When the authoritarian father daughter connection is added to this equation, it appears to be an innocuous life lesson. Daddy is not harmed by the teaching but the little girl is deeply wounded because she learns from the one that is supposed to support  her the most, that there are conditions to love.

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