Secrets & Tips to Pick Up Oriental Girls

The following image comes from an Amazon E-Book.

For a mere 7.95 you can find out how to attract Asian women.   We’ll just have to ignore that Asia is a huge continent containing various cultures.  It’s easier to slot them all into one big group and assume that there are tried and true methods to get into their panties.

Thankfully no trees were murdered in the creation of this racist and sexist nonsense but that does not make it any less offensive.  I suppose a book that simply said don’t be a racist, sexist asshole would have been to obvious and hard to live by.

What bothers me about this book is that it promotes the fetishization of Asian women.  They are already constructed as submissive lotus flowers waiting to yield to the first White man that comes along.  They have no agency and are soft and demure. They are seen as possessing characteristics that western women have lost due to the evil women’s movement. The idea that all you need to know to date an Asian woman can possibly be contained in a book is a symbol of how little individuality they are assumed to have.

When a POC of colour dates inter-racially there is always a risk that the person we have made a connection with is not really interested in us as a person but in feeding a sick fetish.  For some person sleeping with a POC is a notch on their belt – similar to being in the mile high club.  For others, it may be a part of social rebellion.  Racial disparity does not disappear because there is a physical attraction sometimes it multiples.

The author, Bruce M. is so proud of his work that chose not use a last name.  He claims, “if you want to know how to attract Asian women, then you need to know how to think like an asian magnet. My name is Bruce M. and the author of “Asian Magnet 101″ course – the ONLY system on how to attract Asian girls for non-Asian males from an Asian guy’s INSIDER…” What other proof do you need to ascertain that his little series is predatory? Asian women are not some prize to be conquered.

H/T Angry Asian Man

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