Spanish Tennis Team Shows The World Their Slant Eyes



After the controversy that was created with this picture of the Spanish basketball team  it would be fair to assume that making a facial gesture meant to mock another race should have been understood as patently racist and clearly not acceptable.  It seems that some groups of people are slow to learn.


H/T Blackperpsective

The following comes from skynews.

Olympic tennis silver-medallist Garrigues insisted the snap was not “racist” and was not intended to cause offence.

“We did it because we came to China. We don’t want to do anything bad for Chinese people or Asian people,” she said.

“We think maybe we took a bad picture but we never wanted to offend anybody. We didn’t see it as a racist gesture.”

Asked if she wanted to apologise, she replied: “Yes, sure. We never wanted to do anything bad.”

Gee only maybe took a bad picture?  There is no maybe about this and what more it was knowingly racist.  How many times do Spanish athletes need to be told that making gestures like this are racist?  But this is what comes from a country that celebrates Columbus the father of the modern day slave trade.  This is from the country that made the word inquisition into a horrific nightmare.  So much for moving and growing from the past. Yikes they’re different, they’re not like us..let’s go over there and plant our flag win some medals.

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