Sometimes in Life you get Exactly What you are Looking For

Bullying goes on across the globe and because of its prevalence many see it as simply a part of childhood.  It can leave scars that last a lifetime.  The unhusband showed me the following video last night.


It starts off with a smaller child punching a larger child directly in the face.  The larger child makes no move to defend himself and so the smaller child starts to dance around like a bouncer and jabs him several times in his upper body.  The larger child becomes frustrated and they begin to tussle.  The larger child gets the upper hand and lifts the smaller child in the air and slams him directly into the concrete with the smaller child’s leg slamming particularly hard into a concrete ledge.  The smaller child gets up slowly as the larger child begins to walk away.  A teacher approaches and can be heard saying if you are going to do that I think you should leave.

As it turns out, Casey Haines was suspended, even though he is the child that was being bullied.  Many of the comments on Facebook are completely supportive of him. 

 On Babble the comments were divided with some supporting him and other asserting that he should have walked away.

Take it easy, people. He totally could have walked away. If people were all jumping on him and seriously beating on him it would be totally another story. I am all for self-defense, but in this case, it was overdone. If this treatment of him had been going on for a time before this, it should be reported to the school, parents etc. and dealt with. What if he body slammed the kid and knocked him unconscious or killed him? Then he’d probably have to face juvenile detention or something. It doesn’t do him any good to react like this when he could’ve shoved the kid down and, yes, walked away. The body slam was overdone. Now, I know these are just kids and how was the big kid to know the body slam is overdoing it? Well, that’s the reason you walk away. His life was not in danger, he was not getting seriously wailed on, a much littler kid was bitch slapping him. And by the way, Bear, if you gently slap my face and I walk away, you won’t have access to me to do it again. If you follow me and do it again or hold me down and do it, well, then it’s more justified if I wail on you back. This big kid didn’t even try to remove himself from the situation. And, just because teachers DON’T have control doesn’t mean they SHOULDN’T. You can’t condone a situation where children are physically meting out justice to one another. I’m a little surprised at the comments seems like a whole lot of emotional bandwagoning for a perceived underdog without alot of thought toward the bigger picture.

And there you have to views on the incident.  Do you believe that Casey should have walked or way or do you see his actions as self-defense?  Do you feel that he should be suspended for his actions?

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