"The Silence"

Dan Waters is a snarky 22 year old queer biracial wonderment who is part White, Portuguese, and Native American (Wampanoag-Kiowa). He currently lives in Massachusetts, and plans to become a Lawyer. That is, if he can survive Algonquin language classes and polyamorous dating right now! He also identifies as Two Spirit, and prefers male pronouns, but cherishes his female body that he was given graciously by the Creator. He blogs at Identity Exposure.

As a survivor of abuse myself, I think that there is a great need for Native communities to speak out against systemic injustice. Tonight at 9:00PM EST/EDT, on PBS FrontLine, there will be a documentary called “The Silence”, created in partnership with the Native community of Alaska that was effected by the abuses of a priest. There is also a live viewing online here, for folks with no cable/no PBS. http://to.pbs.org/thesilencepbs

There will also be a twitter party online, and an AIM chatroom as well. For details, email me (danwaters89@gmail.com) or on twitter (danny_waters). Thank you all, and hope to see you there!

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