Should Abortion Be Chosen By an Internet Poll?

The decision whether or not to have an abortion has got to be one of the toughest a woman can make.  I have always said that if I ever became pregnant at a time in my life when it would absolutely not be feasible to raise a child, I would opt for an abortion.  Fortunately for me, this has never happened.  Unwanted pregnancies happen everyday, but not everyone uses the situation to gain notoriety. is currently running a poll to decide whether or not a potential mother to be should abort her fetus.

We would like to keep you informed on our pregnancy as if it was your own; posting our thoughts and feelings as we struggle to make this decision.  We would like you to see what we see and feel what we feel.  We invite you take this journey with us as we contemplate our own options and encourage you to utilize this site to vote and voice your opinion in a way that will have a real consequence… in a way that truly matters.  Here, your vote will not go unheard.

They have named the fetus “wiggles” and place the weekly ultrasound images on their site.  They are also give graphic descriptions of the development of the fetus followed by the number of heartbeats per minute.  At the time of publication, they had 19 days left to decide whether or not to have abortion.  So far the votes total 75.37% (8,756) for Give Birth and 24.63% (2,862 votes) for abortion. 

This certainly hits the WTF files for me.  I cannot believe that this is real.  Why would you name a fetus that you are thinking of aborting? Also, the fact that they are attempting to profit from this by running ads on their site is absolutely disgusting.  Honestly, I believe that this is some pro lifer stunt as these pro birthers will stop at nothing to impede the right of women to choose. I am probably aiding their cause by drawing attention to it, but the level of bile that rose in my throat, when I came across this site, simply left me choked for words.

If this were actually a real event, what kind of parents would these two be?  Nothing disappears from the internet and so I cannot help but imagine the horror the child would feel years later, if they came across it. Who would do this to a potential baby?  The internet is often a free for all, with the worst elements of society sharing their ugliness with the world, and this is quite possibly one of the most succurilous things that I have seen in a longtime.

What are your thoughts on this website?  Do you believe this is real and if so, what do you think they really want to accomplish, other than earning a quick paycheck?

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