Shooting Cunts

image I knew there was a reason that I avoided video games.  Who sat down one day and decided that it would be exciting to turn a penis into a weapon that shoots and damages vaginas? Yeah that sounds like so much fun.  Of course there is not another version of the game where the vagina is roving around destroying penises…that simply cannot happen.  Every dick is a precious dick, and we simply cannot afford to even joke about damaging them, much less develop a game about that. 

To make it clear whose genitals matter the game is called Shooting Cunts.  Isn’t that lovely and heart warming.  You don’t have a vagina, and it is not the giver of life. No you have a cunt that can be reduced to a target for male pleasure. 

Why I am getting upset, it’s just a game right.  It certainly does not reveal anything about the violence that women are subjected to on a daily basis.  It certainly does not support the idea that the penis is aggressive and dominant, while the vagina exists only for amusement and submission. 

It certainly is not problematic in any way shape or form to present disembodied genitalia.  There is not a thinking rational being in control of what is between our legs.  The penis cannot help but to be aggressive for that is its true nature.  A man is not responsible for what he does with his trigger happy dick,  just look at the ugly cunt, who wouldn’t want to shoot that up? The entire purpose of this game is to kill the diseased cunt. That’s right you win by taking as many shots into the vaginal opening as possible. It gives new meaning to the words he shoots, he scores doesn’t it?

This fucking piece of crap enrages me almost beyond the point of coherence.  This is why I want nothing to do with the gaming industry.  They constantly put out shit that reifies the worst aspects of our culture.  So I say to the creators of this game, fuck you, and your dick as ultimate weapon game.

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