Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys

As I find these videos, I am going to post them on the blog simply because they challenge those of us with privilege to think about the everyday problematic elements of our speech. I for one will admit that when I was younger, I did say some of things listed in this video.  It embarrasses me to see this now, but I take comfort in the fact that decolonizing one’s mind is a lifetime journey.

With the slew of videos and posts that have been created to deal with bigoted language there has been a constant round of denial.  On yesterdays post about things White gay men say to Black gay men, the denial was disgusting.  Shit White Girls say to Black Girls also received its share of denial.  This shit has just got to stop.  Calling people liars because their lived experience makes you uncomfortable is a sign of your privilege.  It is not divisive for a marginalized person to talk about their lived experience and encouraging them to sweep it under the carpet denies the isms that they are forced to negotiate.

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