Shit Canadians say to Aboriginal Women

Here in the great White north, we love to point southward with a false sense of superiority, but in truth we have more than our fair share of sexism and racism as this video shows. 

transcript below the fold thanks to WM reader Ellie

 woman 1: so, what are you?

woman 2: Oh, I’m Aboriginal
woman 1:  Oh, I thought you were something exotic like Spanish or something. What tribe are you from?
woman 1: I’ve never seen a pretty Indian before
woman 1:  Why do you have a white name?
woman 1: You’re so thin, I thought all Natives are fat…
woman 1:  Are you from a reserve?
woman 1:  Can you get me cheap smokes with your Native card? Do you have one of those?
woman 1: Do you get money when you’re 18?
woman 1: So, what do I call you? An Indian? An Aboriginal? First Nations? Or Native?
woman 1: You must be loving that new hair-feather trend
woman 1: Do you go to pow-wows? What are they like?
woman 1: Do you know how to do all the Indian stuff? Like build teepees and hunt with a bow and arrow? Do you know anyone who could make me moccasins?
woman 1:: Native people are so spiritual, you can totally see it in their art.
woman 1:  You guys have a god for everything don’t you?
woman 1: Was your favorite Disney princess Pocahontas?
woman 1: Dances with Wolves was one of my favorite movies. You totally remind me of someone from that.
woman 1: You must totally be team Jacob.
woman 1: Do Native people really eat seal fat?
woman 1:  Does anyone in your family own a casino?
woman 1: What is the difference between Métis and Indian?
woman 1: Is it against your culture to get a haircut?
woman 1:  What do your people think about the BC pipeline? They should just get over the whole “their land” thing; it’s good for our economy and your people are a drain to it anyways.
woman 1:  Do you have any kids?
woman 1:  It’s so good for you to overcome your circumstances and go to university.
woman 1:  Has anyone in your family ever been to jail?
woman 1:  Like 99 percent of prostitutes are Native, they should stop being such sluts and get real jobs.
woman 1: All the Native people that I see are alcoholics, gamblers and liars who are too lazy to get off their ass and get a job. They’re all dirty hobo’s, high school drop-outs.
woman 1: Are most homeless people Native because you like being close to nature?
woman 1: Native people should stop complaining; they go to school for free, waste our tax money and they do whatever they want to, it makes no sense and then they want our respect? It’s so pathetic it’s almost sad. 
woman 1: It’s not fair for you guys to get all the scholarships. Why do you deserve it more than anyone else? I don’t know why my tax dollars go to funding for them. It’s not like I set up their residential schools and that was so long ago. The government apologized and gave you guys more money, and they just go out and spend it on booze anyway.
woman 1: We can’t afford to pay our tax dollars to support your alcohol and drug addictions.
woman 1:  Is it true you drink hand sanitizer when you run out of alcohol?
woman 1:  Your guys’ names describe you, kicking woman, burning grass.
woman 1:  Since you call everyone “‘cuz” does that mean you’re all inbred? That would explain all the alcoholics since it’s genetic.
woman 1:  The only reason why Canada has such a high crime rate is because all you Natives. Yeah, they’re always in the paper for crimes. I can totally understand why everyone hates them so much. 
woman 1: The Edmonton prison is your newest reserve.
woman 1: You still like to play cowboys and Indians, but now it’s cops and Indians.
woman 1: Just go back to your teepee.
woman 1:  But then if they stayed on their reserves they couldn’t blame society for their problems.
woman 1: We’d be better off without you and your people.
woman 1: Yeah, you guys are stuck in a never-ending cycle. Your prostitutes create future prostitutes.
woman 1: Why should our RCMP waste time searching for your missing women? They’re all prostitutes.
woman 1: It’s sad to see that you all walk for their missing women because you know they’re all doing it to themselves. They set themselves up, we can’t be blamed for their problems.
woman 2: People in Canadian society believe that it is Aboriginal womens’ fault that they’re constantly victims of violence. Systemic racism is deeply ingrained in society’s treatment of Aboriginal people and this is why abuse toward Aboriginal women is not being solved. We are pathologized in the violence Aboriginal women face and ignoring the impact these stereotypes have on Aboriginal peoples’ place in society. We have marginalized this group in society for far too long. It’s time to stand up and put an end to this treatment.
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