Sesame Street: I Love My Hair

Hair continues to be a contentious issue for Black women. From birth we are told that our hair symbolizes how ugly we are, because it is curly and vastly different from the hair of White women.  For far too many Black women, it takes a conscious effort to learn to love ourselves and our hair.

 When I came across the following video, of a dark skinned muppet singing about how much she loved her hair, the little girl in me celebrated.  It is no small thing to have a positive representation of Blackness for children to see. It was small step to empowering Black womanhood with the understanding that though we are different, we are beautiful nonetheless.


Don’t need a trip to the beauty shop, cause I love what I got on top.  It’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there.  You know what I love; that’s right my hair.  I really love my hair.  I love my hair.  I love my hair. There’s nothing  else that can compare with my hair.  I love my hair. I love my hair, so let’s be clear. I really, really, really really, love my hair.  Wear a clippy or in a bow, or let it sit in an Afro.  My hair looks good in a cornrow. It does so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow.  I love my hair.  I love my hair.  I love it and I had to share.  I love my hair.  I love my hair.  I want to make sure that you’re aware, I love my hair.  I wear it up, I wear it down.  I wear it twisted all around.  I wear braids and pigtails to.  I love all the things my hair can do.  (inaudible) for flying free and they’re perfect tresses you’ll see.  My hair is part of me, an awesome part of me.  I really love my hair.  I love my hair. (giggle)

That video really made me smile, and so I had to share it with you.  What did you think as you were watching and how do you think it will help little Black girls to love themselves?

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