Sesame Street Empowers Black Girls to Change the World

Does everyone remember the White father who created the Black muppet singing about how much she loved her natural hair for his daughter, after she said that she didn’t like her hair?  Well, that cute little muppet is back, and this time she is empowering Black girls to believe that they can truly change the world.  For a bit that is under two minutes, I think it is really great, though I hesitate to completely endorse it, because there is no commentary about the ways in which they will have to work 10x as hard to have the simplest success.  I believe we need to empower our daughters, but doing so should also include a message of how race and gender will effect their lives.  They need to know not only what obstacles exist but why they exist. Telling them truth and raising them to be critically aware is how we empower, not through fairy tales, where dreaming is enough to lead to a happy ending.

Since we started this day on a positive note, I thought that we should end on one as well.

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