Secret Shame: My Inner Child Is Disappointed

I think slowly overtime my children are turning me into my parents. When I was a kid, and my mom or dad would say something, I would swear up and down that I would never do that to my kids….

Well it seems that despite my best intentions I am finding out that my mom and dad were right about a lot of things. Now that I pay the bills, it’s really not cool to have the house lit up like a Christmas tree.  It is also not cool to be heating the outside and leave the door wide open.  Yeah,  a little body only needs to be so clean, why are you running my water like that?  No I’m not rich, and I will not buy you that over priced piece of plastic crap. I am your mother not your friend recognize the difference. Oh,  when your little friends come here if they cannot even bother to say hello, then I cannot be  bothered to let them in my house. Finally, my least favourite but the most correct, pride feels no pain.

I have developed my own woe is me when I was kid I used to walk 12 miles in the snow stories.  The only difference is mine are bullshit; whereas my parents had legitimate hard times. 

I have come to the conclusion that it is children that bring this shit out in you. A parent may start off with the best of intentions but slowly over time as they plug your toilet with foreign objects, refuse to pick their underwear up off the bathroom floor, speak in slang that makes you feel old, and generally give you grey hair with their lack of fear, children bring it out in you

The only consolation I have, is that when or if Mayhem and Destruction become fathers, they will repeat all of the things that I have said to them because their own children will drive them nuts.

Okay what have you said or done that you swore that you would never do?

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