Secret Shame: Commercials

I continually press for us a society to consume less.  As I mentioned in an earlier secret shame my family composts, recycles and buys used as often as we can.  Even with all of the principles that I have, I must still admit to a weakness for commercials.  Yes those 30 seconds spots designed to get us to want things that we don’t need.  If they have a great jingle or tag line I am hooked.

It gets to the point where the unhusband downright looses his patience as I sing along with the commercial or say the lines.  I cannot help it they amuse me.  It certainly doesn’t mean that I am going to buy the item that they are trying to pitch to me. but I will watch and happily sing along.

For someone who is as anti-capitalism as I am, this fascination with commercials is beyond ridiculous.  Imagine a Marxist in love with capitalist eye candy.  Of course I justify it by claiming that they are a mini art form but this a weak excuse even to me.

The following are a few that have caught my attention over the years.


This obsession of mine is close to the one I have for reality tv but once again I am convinced that I am not the only one with a love of this “twisted art”. So hit me in the comment section with some of your fav commercials.

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