Second City Spoofs Mary J Blige's Burger King Commecial

Last week the internet was a buzz about a Burger King add that featured Mary J Blige singing about chicken of all things.  The advertisement is below for all who have not seen it.

Demetria L. Lucas wrote an open letter to Ms. Blige on Clutch in which she had the following to say:

Mary, I don’t wish to belittle you. Your transgression has been blasted on Twitter, in other open letters and blog posts have been written aplenty. Marketing extraordinaire and author Steve Stoute is tweeting to distance his business from being associated with yours.

My intent isn’t to get you down, but to remind you of your worth. You scraped from Yonkers’ hard knocks to the top where someone of your skill rightfully belongs. You didn’t cultivate an award-wining voice to sing about, of all things, chicken and some got damned lettuce on a condiments counter at Burger King. Surely, I don’t need to remind you about the negative associations of Black people and fried chicken. Yes, I know it’s good and people of all colors eat it (except me, I gave up chicken 14 years ago, but I remember it fondly), but you don’t need to play into stereotypes by celebrating its glory. You are beyond belting about its joy to an almost-empty restaurant. If this was about money, pass the plate. Black women got you because of all you’ve given to us.

Burger King has since pulled the ad but as you know, once something hits the internet and it goes viral, it’s not long until a spoof appears. For those who didn’t quite get the coonery of the original version, Second City decided to produce an “unaired version” of the videos for your viewing pleasure.

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