Sarah Palin: The Queen Bee

I try to never disappoint the people that take their precious time to read my little blog.  This week in the comment section I was asked to respond to an article entitled,Spittin’ sisters show true colours“, that appeared in the  Sydney Morning Herald.

The “jist” of this little piece of anti-feminist hyperbole, is that we hate Palin because she is attractive, successful, and pro-life.  Shall we rip this bullshit apart piece by piece?

But the intemperate reaction by women to Palin flags something beside ideological differences – a weird, visceral rage, with its roots in some entrenched psychic pain. There is an echo of bitchy high-school jealousy of the popular queen bee from the snarling, self-mutilating nerd and goths who vainly lusted after the cute boys she snared.

Yeah that is a feminist concern, who has the good fortune to fuck all of the popular boys.  Clearly this idiot has no idea that feminism is about redirecting the lens to focus on women’s issues.  This means that something like sex, which has been historically the preserve of men to talk about, and engage in freely, is being claimed by women.  Oh btw don’t you love the erasure of lesbians, asexuals and bisexual women from her little rant.  In more ways than one, it’s not about who gets the dick. 

If she made any sacrifices or compromises they were not apparent. And she had won the marriage jackpot: a hunky house-husband who is able to take a back seat without losing his cojones. She juggled home and family, even breast-feeding in the office, without any angst, middle-class welfare, or even bags under her eyes. How did that work?

Instead of lauding the aspirational quality of Palin’s achievements, establishment feminists despised her for showing up their inadequacies.

We love the idea that Palin seems to have a marriage that is based in shared respect and responsibility, but that does not mean we should ignore her obvious flaws.  Having a vagina does not buy anyone solidarity.  If that were the case feminism would not mean anything.   No matter how many colloquial phrases, winks, and stunning smiles that Palin delivers it cannot hide the fact that she did not know what the Bush Doctrine is, nor the fact that at times her speech is completely incoherent.  It is also very telling that these kinds of vitriolic ad homenin attacks were not aimed at men when they openly criticized Bush for his lack of shall we say eloquence.

Abortion is the emotional peg on which Palin-haters hang their hatreds and justify their intemperance. The touchstone issue which makes both sides hyperventilate has become such a bedrock article of faith for establishment feminists that they question it as little as their born-again Christian nemeses question the existence of God.

While I will admit one of my issues with Palin, is her aggressive pro life stance, it is not because she believes that this is the right decision for her, it is because she believes that this is the right decision for every single woman walking the planet.  Palin is free to do whatever she chooses with her body; however believing that someone has the right to control the body of another is completely wrong.  This is why feminists have a problem with Palin.

The author of this little piece also forgot to point out things like Palins poor record on hiring Indigenous Americans, though they are a significant part of the population in Alaska.  Her lie about the state jet, and lets not forget the ever so brilliant decision to charge women for rape kits. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Palin, and choosing to do so is not based in bitter jealousy or hatred, but in simple common sense. 

I find this particular commentary to be disgusting because once again it reduces feminists to angry shrews without any basis for their disagreement.  The author is so busy painting Palin as a saint, I am surprised that she did not become blinded by the halo she created for her. True feminism is not the reductive movement that this author has described.  Feminists are more than happy to allow the kool aid sipping Palin supporters to have their say, but don’t expect us to inhale the fumes.  I have a vagina and a brain.

Editors Note: In the original post I called Palin Pro Choice, which is not what I meant to write. Palin is Pro Life and the article has been edited to reflect that mistake.


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