Sarah Palin: Attack The Position and Not The Woman

image Since Palin was announced as McCains VP pick sexism has been used to discredit her.  Shakesville has kept a running log of the sexism that has been thrown at her.

example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6

Sarah Palin is not an unproblematic figure, and as such there are many grounds from which to legitimately criticize and critique her.  Resorting to sexist attacks, not only shows a limited imagination it highlights the degree to which women are still second class citizens in this society.  I do not support Palins policies in any way, nor do I believe that she would make an effective leader, however her sex alone is not reason enough to disqualify her as a candidate.   To use sex as a barometer for judging  worthiness to lead would necessarily damage the potential of other more deserving women to ascend to political power in the United States.  To be explicitly clear, I do not support Sarah Palin in any way shape or form, but I do support women, and therefore I actively denounce any criticism of her that is based in sex and biology.

For those for whom sexism has become an ingrained barometer of worth, I offer the following video for instructional purposes.  The following is an example of how to effectively critique Palin without reducing her to just a silly hockey mom, ex beauty queen, tart, inadequate mother, babe etc…

Consider yourself on notice, sexism against Sarah Palin is not acceptable.  If your point is legitimate, you should be able to make it without reducing her, or any other female candidate by making sexist attacks.

Huge H/T Shakesville

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