Sagging Pants, Black Skin Means No Flying on U.S. Airways

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This post is dedicated to all of you post racial believers.  Yes, you people who believe that Obama symbolizes that racism is a thing of the past and that Black exist with so much power that we can actually oppress Whites.  Put down your self denial and White privilege and think it over for a moment. 

Deshon Marman is a 20 year old football player.  Last week he was kicked off his flight for not immediately pulling up his sagging pants upon request.  He was later arrested for trespassing, battery, and resisting arrest.

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U.S Airways does not have a dress code but expects passengers to dress in an appropriate manager that does not offend passengers. 

So who gets to decide what is and is not offensive.  If Marman can walk down the street dressed the way he was, and not be arrested for indecent exposure, on what grounds did the airlines find his appearance to be offensive?  What exactly is uncomfortable about sagging pants?

Lady GaGa regularly prances around town in her underwear, and I bet that no one would find her attire offensive enough to give her the boot off the plane and demand that she change.  This sudden dress code came into effect because unlike GaGa, Marman has neither celebrity, Whiteness, or power.  What he does have is a body that marks him as other and dreadlocks which have been constructed to be aggressive and rebellious.

Racial profiling always targets marginalized bodies and that is exactly what happened to Marman.  What was he really guilty of that he should have been arrested or drawn any attention in the first place?  This is what it means to be marginalized.  One is always under attack.  I suppose I could go on and on about living in a White supremacist state, but at this moment, I am out of fucking patience.  Racial incident, after racial incident and yet Blacks are supposedly playing the victim card.  So in short, get it through your head, racism is real and if you are a White person, you have privilege.

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