RNC Raids: The Police Violate Rights

Police have been conducting raids in anticipation of civil disobedience at the RNC.  Theses incidents are being ignored by the mainstream media. Ask yourself who  these agents of socialization are there to protect and inform.

These are clearly gestapo like tactics.  It is particularly hypocritical that at an event that is meant to celebrate democracy and freedom such blatant authoritarian behaviour on the part of the government is occurring.  If it were not for the freedom of information that the internet allows such incidents would be occurring in isolation. 

These events are meant to inspire fear and stifle dissent in the population.  The ruling elite is well aware that an informed active populace is a threat to their minority control.  This is why the media is ignoring these stories, and this is why the police are taking so called preemptive action. Tyranny can only stand when none rise up to oppose it.

See Feministing for more.

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