R.Kelly Should Join FLDS

image  By the time you read this post it will have become common knowledge that after a 6 year ordeal R. Kelly was pronounced not guilty yesterday.  He was charged with 14 criminal counts of sex with a girl, who at the time was 13.  These alleged acts(hate using that word) were apparently caught on tape.  Both the girl in question, and Kelly said that it was not them on the tape. Due to a very fortunate mole on Kellys back he was able to attest, (I won’t say prove) that the man on the tape was not him.

There were many yesterday who felt that this was cause for celebration.  Just like O.J, the black community rallied to support its hero..WAKE UP PEOPLE, color should not mean automatic solidarity.  Just because he is a talented artist does not mean he deserves a get out of jail free card. You may think that you are stickin’ it to the man, but what you are really doing, is throwing his 13 year old victim under the bus.  Why doesn’t she count for anything?  The remarks at Ebony speak for themselves.

Carla says: To be honest with you i think the girl lied about her age. There are so many young girls out here that have bodies that are so mature for their age and will use their body to get what the want rather it’s with a celeb, singer,or even a drug dealer for that matter. Most people can distinguish an adult from a child just by their conversation and if R.Kelly could’nt tell then he is not most people. I love his music and always will no matter what the outcome is. One love R.Kelly

Yes this predatory 13 year old girl used her feminine wiles to entrap a man. He was just so entranced that he could not tell that he was sleeping with a minor. Besides, black women are naturally sexually aggressive, and permissive.

Renee404 says: I don’t thibk that r.kelly did it. Those females just wanna see him go to jail and hell if he did do it they mad because they didn’t get no MONEY out of him. Also all they doing is making themselves look bad because they the ones who is doing it… That’s what the press have to think about to. So ya’ll need to be tellin those females to get some help cuz hell they the stupid one’s….

Yeah, this 13 year old decided to set herself up for life, and sleep with R.Kelly. She didn’t ever dream about what she was going to do when she grew up. Her plan from the cradle was to find some rich black man, and sleep with him to attain a huge financial windfall.  So determined was she to have this desire fulfilled, that when he refused to acquiesce to her desires like the petulant child she was, she tattle tailed. By hook or crook eh?

Gmack says: What happens to these under girls that choose to do this. should there be some punishment for under age girls that choose to be with older guys. Maybe R.Kelly is guilty or maybe he is innocent, but still this behavior must stop on both ends.

Why don’t we just pretend we all reside in Saudi Arabia, and stone her.  It is a womans responsibility to remain pure.  Men cannot be trusted whatsoever to contain their sexual desires. Everyone knows that an engorged penis causes men to loose the capacity to think.

DeAnna says: Kells I feel so bad what you are going through. I have never seen the tape and to be honest why should he be going to jail if those tricks consented? If they wanted to have sex with him it was their decison. I think it’s a bunch of crap. Also these girls these days looks a lot older than their age. If their mothers was doing their job they wouldn’t have been in that predicament. I love you Kelly, May God Be with you!!!!!

Though you used the word trick by implication you meant whore, or slut didn’t you? You didn’t even see the tape, but there is no way that R.Kelly is guilty. All women are dirty sluts by nature, it says so in the bible..remember Eve and the apple, or Delilah and Samson?

littlesmurf says: to me the young girl in the video look like she know what she was doing i’m 41 yrs old and some of thing she was doing i would not do the way she was moving and the way she toke his p—- he was no small man and she toke it all with no problems.she toke it like she no what she was doing.my prayer are with you r kelly if it is you you have to give in count for that before god on judgement day

Even if she was sexually experienced it still did not give Kelly the right to sleep with her.

I won’t expose you to anymore of this disgusting commentary.  It turned my stomach to read it, and so I can imagine what it is doing to you.  Well Kelly used the mole defense, and today he is a free man.  I am sure that this will only work once though.  So here is the plan…I think that Kelly should move to Utah, Bountiful BC, or Texas, and join the FLDS.  This will give him a whole new line of defense for his pedophilic urges.  He can claim freedom of religion, and pray while he busy raping, and impregnating celestial wives.

Just like Kelly these men hold power over young girls, and use it to their own advantage.  Should he choose to join the cult, (I meant religion) he will be able to attain multiple victims that are considered ready for marriage from the first day of their periods.  The bonus is that when the first wife reaches the age where she is no longer physically attractive, (18) he can get a younger model. Since he is already wealthy he won’t have to commit welfare fraud to support the multiple children that such unions will produce.  I really don’t see how he can loose…These young girls are brainwashed from birth to believe in the principle, and with the limited education that they possess, he should have no problem explaining why he is justified in raping them. 

When will people understand that you cannot consent to your own abuse.  The child was 13 years old. Has no one ever heard of power differential? Kelly knew what he was doing was wrong.  He knew that he was sleeping with a child.  Why else would he instruct her to call him daddy?  (more proof of pedophilic urges btw) Stop victim blaming. Men do not have the right to female bodies.  I wonder how many of these Kelly supporters would be happy to send their daughters for a visit? Probably the same amount that would accept a sleep over invitation for their child at Michael Jacksons house.  Rape is rape no matter who is committing it. Having celebrity status in this society, does not mean that the individual is not capable of heinous crimes.

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