Ricky Gervais Plans to Make Holocaust and Pedophile jokes

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I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely shocked that Ricky Gervais is going to host the Golden Globes again this year.  Many of the celebrities in attendance last year, were very upset and felt that he was unnecessarily mean.  Normally, I would not problem with people so blessed with extreme privilege being taken down a notch, but I have to agree there were instances of just plain mean, masquerading as comedy.  There was also an attempt to out a “famous scientologist” which I felt was completely uncalled for coming form a straight man.

Ricky Gervais has always been a self concerned, extremely arrogant douchebag.  I cannot recall a time ever thinking that he was funny, and his latest tweet concerning his plans for The Golden Globes does nothing to convince me that there is anything even remotely amusing about him.

Yeah I know, I know, he was only joking right.  The truth of the matter is that what he said already constitutes a tasteless holocaust and pedophile joke.  Every day people make acerbic commentary about the holocaust and pedophiles though we know that they are extremely horrific occurrences.  It reduces the severity of millions of people dying for being gay, Jewish, disabled, Roma, and politically active. It further mocks and belittles people who have survived abuse.  I fail to see anything funny in either of these two situations, but leave it to Ricky Gervais to come up with a joke.

The problem with this aging douchebag hipster, is that he thinks this sort of shit is just edgy and ever so cool.  Anyone who cannot take his brand of so-called comedy, clearly has an axe to grind, or is just way too sensitive. As far as he is concerned, nothing is off the table for fodder, no matter who it hurts, or who it offends.  This attitude unfortunately is something that far too many comedians share. It does not take talent to attack historically marginalized people because that is what happens in social discourse on a daily basis.  This kind of comedy is just a rephrasing of the hateful rhetoric that is common place, repackaged of comedy to give it a veneer of acceptability. I would take a drink for every time that Gervais is an asshole but letting my blood alcohol content rise that high would be dangerous to my health. I don’t see a person who is remotely funny, I see a self indulgent asshole who needs to engage in a bit of silence for the sake of the greater good.

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