Review: One Big Happy Family


We once considered families to consist of a mother, father and their offspring. With the rising tide of divorce, single motherhood, gay adoption, feminism, and polyamorism, what we understand as family has undergone a massive flux. hough the individual members of what we consider family have changed drastically, relationships in a household still blossom when people base their commitment on tolerance, respect and love.

In Rebecca Walker’s latest anthology, One Big Happy Family (Riverhead Books, 2009), the author seeks to explore the different ways in which people come together to form a family and the special challenges that they face as they work to ensure the ties that they have formed are lasting and strong.

In “The Enemy Within,” written by gay rights activist and author Dan Savage, we learn that open adoption comes with many challenges. As he relates the heartbreaking story of his son’s birth-mother, we confront the idea that there are those we are sometimes forced to allow into our lives to receive the larger blessing of love.

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