The Resurgence of White Nationalism

I cam across the following video regarding the resurgence of White nationalism.   This obviously is no surprise due to the highly public threats on Obama’s life by these groups.  What did catch my attention however, is the link to the tea party, as well as the anti-immigration movement.  It seems that these groups are using these two issues as a vehicle towards mainstream acceptability.  Much of what organizations like the minutemen do is coded in nationalism.  It is seen as patriotic to oppress bodies of colour because apparently “the U.S. is a white country founded for White people.”  One point that really stood out is the decrease in undocumented workers (the lowest in the last ten years) because of the American economy and yet the anti-immigration movement is gaining strength daily. 

 “This country and this entire world is full of closet racist how lack the courage to say even say that they’re White.  They’re like sheep and they’re being lead to the slaughter man.”  What these groups are fighting against is the perceived loss in White privilege though every single agent of socialization is still maintained by and structured to support Whiteness.  They believe that “Blacks don’t come to the tea party because Black culture is less democratic than White culture.”  These people really don’t want a true democracy, because population demographics reveal that the White majority is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  When you have people like Glenn Beck saying that “Obama hates White people and White culture” what he really means is that Obama is an uppity negro who refuses to be ruled.

The very fact that they are becoming more mainstream means that we cannot afford to ignore them.  They continually speak about a coming race war.  They are holding on to their Whiteness because in many cases this is the only privilege that these people can conceive of .  It is not the supposed rise of bodies of colour that is the issue, but the inherently irrational capitalist state.  Poor and working class Whites have historically confused power with racism.  It quite obvious to any rational thinking person that the source of their angst is the White bourgeoisie. Even if every single person were to disappear from the U.S. today, the cruel system of imbalance would continue and a new group would be singled out for blame. 

What are your thoughts on this video and what do you believe is the best approach to the rising tide in White nationalism?

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