Rejecting the Black Person In The Mirror

I love to use stumbleupon to surf the web.  It brings me to websites that I never would have visited.  On a recent search I landed at StormFront a white supremacist website (No I will not link, hit google) At any rate I expected to see the usual racist screed about how whites are suffering reverse racism, and how underprivileged they have become.  What I did not expect to read was the following.

Letter from a Black Girl: I love you guys

Hey. I just thought I would stop by and let you guys know that, despite my race (I am a non-White), I think the message that Stormfront promotes is absolutely right; I would be wrong to condemn any of you for defending your people, who’ve made so many contributions to this world. It’s difficult for any sane person to know of individuals like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Socrates, and countless others who existed because your race did. It’s difficult to see the beauty of European nations (including the United States), but demonize and/or ignore the race that made it all possible.
You are absolutely right to love and adore your race; I think Whites in general, especially compared to Blacks, are more moral, peaceful, intelligent, creative, open-minded and forward-thinking, and definitely much better people to be around.
Furthermore, my own heart lies with the culture that your race, Whites, have built. Especially your music, of all genres; Some of my favorite bands are Cradle of Filth, Gorogoroth, Nickelback, The Fray, Nightwish, Lifehouse, Coldplay, etc.
You may think I’m odd for writing this, but I personally am disgusted with my own race. If you call Blacks a race of morons, I’ll agree completely, because it’s true. Anyone who is around Blacks enough can plainly see that most Blacks are impulsive, lack compassion, and are lazy, loud, corrupt, and rude…I can’t stand people of my own race. I don’t even know why the Black race exists, really. The Black race as a whole is a failure and I wouldn’t mind if Blacks went extinct, even if that included me (I always have wondered what it would feel like to die anyway). I know that many of you don’t, but I do believe in White Supremacy. I think the world would be a better place if Whites took over everywhere and I do believe that Europeans are as close to a master race as it gets.
As you can probably see, I would rather be White, but it’s so bad I would rather be ANY race other than Black. I’d take Native American, Asian, Hispanic…anything. I’ve just completely lost faith in my race. It’s fowl and I am always ashamed when I have to fill out forms where I have to put a checkmark in the box next to “Black”, because it just reminds me of what I really am (stupid me, I’m seriously tearing up as I write this)…I hate my race very strongly.
Well, enough of my whining. I’ve made it quite apparent that I think Whites are a great race, and I hate that your countries are being gradually taken over by other by other races who will do it no good. I couldn’t imagine what the world would be like without the contributions of your people; you deserve a place in this world more than any other race.
Thanks for reading, to those of you who read. Goodbye, and good luck for the future and I support your movement.

Obviously I have no way of knowing for a fact whether this person is truly a black female or not.  For the sake of argument I am going to assume the validity of the poster. 

The feelings that she expresses on this bulletin board are by no means  strange or unique.  From cradle to grave blacks are told that we are inferior.  Some never achieve the moral fortitude to recognize that they are being manipulated.  Some cannot see that those that are giving you this message do so for their own benefit. 

Hating yourself for being black is to be a dupe of the system.  The racial hierarchy exists to justify exploitation.  No matter whether it is between blacks and whites in the Americas, or castes in India, when we see difference in humanity the end result is always economic disparity. 

What posters like this do not realize is that by embracing blackness they would be thwarting the very force that seeks to create them as less than.  When you reject the metaphorical chains that whiteness seeks to place upon you, you disturb the hierarchy thus loosening the heavy yolk of oppression.

The brilliance of teaching the oppressed to hate themselves is that the prisoner now policies himself.  Scared of judgement the internalized hatred will cause the individual to constantly make decisions that are not in their best interest, in search of the approval of whiteness.

This approval will forever be dangled like a carrot on a stick, always just out of reach.  We are told if you speak properly, dress appropriately, educate yourself and generally remain docile that you too can be part of the American dream. It is the dream of acceptability that keeps blacks performing a lifelong minstrel show in the hopes of a scrap from the table of plenty.

In each generation there have always been a few exceptional Negroes that seem to break through and gain the respect of whiteness, but upon closer examination it is always revealed that they never escape the  blackness of their skin.  Whether it is Kennedy not wanting to invite Sammy Davis Jr. to the white house or President elect Barack Obama being hung in effigy, no one can ultimately escape the weight of a black body in a white world. 

Blackness is not a monolithic identity, though whiteness continually portrays us as baby mamas, drug dealer, criminals and thugs.  What we must seek to do is deconstruct blackness and embrace it in all of its multiplicities.   Policing ourselves and demanding a Eurocentric appearance or behaviour standard reduces our potential as a race.  There is no one way speaking, behaving or dressing that is necessarily more appropriate than another.  The aforementioned are only constructed social values that have no real bearing on the worth of a person.

We can look at great white poet and be moved by their articulate play with words, and yet rap which can be a very revolutionary form of poetry that has its genesis in blackness is repeatedly decried.  We can celebrate Mozart as a musical genius and ignore the brilliance of the likes of Miles Davis.  Our understanding of blackness is what causes us to ignore our contributions and devalue our unique and beautiful culture. We only elevate what is ours when it is appropriated by whiteness. 

Whiteness wants us to focus on the negative while at the same time ignoring their contribution that created the condition.  It is not accidental that blacks are over represented in prisons, and the military.  It is not accidental that we are undereducated and poor.  Even when they choose to educate us, our history is often ignored in the effort to present whiteness as the father of all that is good.

So yes I understand how and why this woman came to the determination that hating blackness was the answer.  After a lifetime of social conditioning and negative representations there will always be some that choose to identify with their oppressor because they are awed by  power. It is a desire to have the power to oppress that they seek.  It is a desire to have privileges to which they have been denied.  Just as children who are molested sometimes identify with their abusers so to do black internalize hatred and identify with whiteness.

The desire for power is the root of this hatred.  It is not that whiteness is naturally more attractive, or intelligent, it is that power and  whiteness are bed fellows.  When I write repeatedly about owning privilege it is for women like this.  No one should wake each day to reject themselves so that others may be uplifted.

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