Really Tyra A Booty Judging Booth?

This is exactly why for the majority of the day my television is on CNN.  Don’t women have enough body issues to deal with without lining them up in a booth and encouraging men to comment on the size and shape of their behinds, talk about reducing women to meaningless parts.  How many times is Tyra going to participate in failure after failure while claiming to empower women?

Men don’t need anymore encouragement to believe that they have the right to reduce us to body parts for their sexual pleasure.  It is not amusing; it is sexism at its finest and the encouragement of such behaviour amounts to collusion.  How many times is Tyra going to wrap herself in the mantle of helping women and then fall prey to the same sexist constructions that patriarchy loves to perpetuate?

This is the same woman that went on her show in a bathing suit crying and complaining when the media called her fat.  Well Tyra when you encourage people to believe that all that is important about them is their physical bodies this is what happens.  

As womanists/feminists we have a tendency to point to men for their sexist behaviour and ignore the various ways in which our actions support patriarchy. Show like this reveal not only how easy it is to reduce a woman to body parts but how often it happens with the collusion of fellow women.  Tyra this is just another failure that you can add to the list of your failures.  Watching your show causes one to immediately have the desire to place their head on a desk and pray for something sensible and woman positive to mute your fauxgressive style of female empowerment. 

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