Real Rape Doesn't Happen In Greensboro

The police department of Greensboro is reporting an increase in crime statistics. Channel 14 reports Police Chief Tim Bellamy,  as citing that residential burglaries increased 12.5 percent and rape investigations increased 92.6 percent.  That is an alarming increase in the number of sexual assaults.  Does this mean that more assaults are happening, or that more women are coming forward to report these incidents?  In the police report  rapes increased from 27 in the first six months of 2007 to 52 so far this year.

Captain Janice Rogers, head of the Criminal Investigations Division, said the increase does not necessarily mean women in Greensboro are in more danger of being sexually assaulted.
“A majority of our sexual assault cases have known assailants,” she said. “A lot of times, a reported sexual assault involves a spouse, a boyfriend and girlfriend, or two people who know each other. So even though the numbers are higher, we have not seen an increase in rapes committed by an unknown assailant. Women are more likely to be the victim of rape at the hands of someone they know than by a stranger. Nonetheless, we encourage women to practice common sense safety measures to help protect themselves from becoming victims.”

Perhaps Ms.Rogers could focus on the criminal rapists rather than encouraging women to protect themselves. Can you think of a single woman who wakes up in the morning and enthusiastically says yeppers, today is the day I am going to allow myself to get raped.  Yeah common sense safety measures in a society that believes that womens bodies are for the sexual gratification of men.  Let’s just transfer the blame to the rape victim for putting herself into a position to get raped in the first place.  Double shame on you acquaintance rape victims.  You should have known better.  We should all have been born with some internal indicator that allows us to spot a rapist from miles away…hmmm to bad humans don’t come with spidey senses. Perhaps women should just stay indoors at all times shunning the world until we learn how to protect ourselves from rape. 

What a supportive and sensitive police department.  Is it really any wonder that so many rapes go unreported if this is the attitude we receive.   Women already experience a sense of shame when we are assaulted, and the last thing we need is to be told that we are in any way responsible for what happened to  us.  Rogers statements seem to be representative of the attitude of the Greensboro police force.   Besides failing to protect themselves from rape, police chief Bellamy infers that the rise in reported rapes can be attributed to prostitutes.

“We’re also finding that we have, as we call the ‘ladies of the night,’ the prostitutes out here, sometimes may not get paid for the services that they render and they will file a report for rape also.”

…oooh you mean “bad girls” think that they have the right to report their rapes?  It isn’t just something that virginal catholic school girls have the right to claim?  Imagine that.  If one is a prostitute surely it should be understood that you cannot be raped.  Surely it must be understood that your profession does not entitle you to the same respect, and safety as “regular citizens”.  Dirty little disease spreading whores, forcing the police to waste valuable man time and resources investigating their rapes. 

It seems the only rape that counts in Greeensboro is stranger rape of a virgin.  If you fall into any other category you are somehow to blame for becoming a victim.  Why is there no outrage directed at the rapist?  Why is it always blame the victim? We have a right to be able to live a life free of violence and sexual assault. No matter what a woman is wearing, or what she does for a living it is not an invitation to assault.   Until the justice system can fully embrace this, women will continue to under report the crimes committed against us.  If rape victims know that they are instantly going to be judged and deemed complicit in their own attacks how can they come forward and charge their attackers, it would be like being raped all over again.

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