Rape Will Never Be A Laughing Matter

This entire post comes with huge trigger warnings…graphic material.

Having two small children I spend a lot of time watching cartoons.  One of my favourites is Scooby Doo.  It is a cartoon that I watched a great deal of as a child, and so you can imagine by surprise and disgust when I came across this.

Rape never has been nor will it ever be funny.  I wonder if the creators of this disgusting parody have ever seen this?

Of course the Scooby Video was made in the so-called enlightened west, where everyone respects each other and each person is an equal being.  So much so that rape can be held up as something that is just fucking hilarious.  I am actually quite speechless, but if this is what is coming out of academia today we have much to be concerned about.

When I looked at the video about the women of the Congo, I could not help but weep tears.  This is a war on women, and it has been occurring without cessation for years.  I wonder if men were being this savagely attacked if it would just be the impotent United Nations Peace Keeping Forces trying to end this horror? Somehow I cannot help but think that something more would be happening because men count as real people, and women are just disposable bodies.  This is specifically why a rape/murder of a woman can be ridiculed and seen as entertainment.  Sam Cooke once sang “a change is gonna come” and I cannot help but ask dear God when?

H/T Unapologetically Female (scooby video)

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