Rap Vs Oprah, Is She Black Enough?

Ludicrous, and 50 Cent, your taunts that you are not black enough are tired, and old.  Your music represents misogyny, and to expect a woman to support this is ridiculous.  Supporting the achievements of POC, should not come at the cost of the dignity of black women. If you have a platform that you are trying to promote, you are more than capable of getting your own show.

There are many things that I am critical of Oprah about, but to refer to her as a “sell out” because she refuses to support the denigration of black women is a power tactic that black men continually employ against black women every time we assert our right to human dignity.   I know that you are used to the booty shaking colluders, that beg to be in your videos, but surprise, surprise, there are black women in existence who refuse to degrade themselves for your acceptance, or approval.

This issue is essentially about power.  There is a lot of talk about racism in the black community, however seldom do conversations about the black male patriarchy occur.  Similarly to white men, black men have a vested interest in the oppression of women. WOC are expected to support their efforts to “uplift” the race irregardless of the ways in which it may create us as less than.   To follow blindly on this path would be to commit a form of gender suicide.  We are your mothers, sisters and daughters but that does not give you the right to exploit us for your financial gains.  To rise as a community we need to support each other equally…and  so I say to all of the rap artists out there who complain about not getting enough respect… if you want it, give it!

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