RadFem Carnival

Dear Readers,

It was brought to my attention that a post of mine has appeared in the latest Radfem carnival.  I was alerted yesterday morning via twitter.  Much to my horror, when I went to check for myself,  it was buried in the middle of their usual transphobic screed.  In all honesty I cannot remember submitting to the carnival.  Even if I did submit a post, the kind of disgusting trans hatred that these women adhere to is something that I could never support.  

If any of you have come across this carnival, I wish to apologize for any disturbance this may have caused.  Please, please believe me when I say how horrified I am to have my work associated with such hatred.  I have worked hard to be a trans alley and to build trust.  I would never knowingly participate in something that debased another human being in this way.

It is my hope that the post will be removed, but if it is not, please know that I share your pain and your anger.  I am utterly ashamed and embarrassed by this.  It literally flies in the face of all that I believe in


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