Racist Winnipeg Mother Says It’s Not About Politics

I first covered the story of a woman who had her children removed because she sent her daughter to school with a swastika drawn on her arm last July.  At the time she failed to recognize how harmful the lessons were that she was teaching her daughter. 

She was quoted by the CBC as saying, ““A black person has a right to say black power or black pride and yet they’re turning around on us and saying we’re racists and bigots and neo-Nazis because we say white pride. It’s hypocrisy at its finest.”

When you combine this attitude with the fact that her home was decorated with white pride flags and  that she wears a swastika necklace, how could her children not think that it is normal to hate others?

Following the removal of the children she and her now ex partner were granted visitation but that has since been stopped by the state.  She wants us to believe that it is not about politics or hatred, oh no she is just exercising her free speech.  The problem is this speech is not free; it comes at a cost.  It is harmful to the people that her hatred is directed at and it is harmful to her children. 

They’ve made me more dedicated, more aware of the political oppression that we suffer in the country just trying to fight for freedom of speech for anyone.”

Who is this woman kidding?  Political oppression because you don’t exist with the right to create people as “other” to promote undeserved racial privilege.   Every where she looks her identity is affirmed as good and positive, yet somehow she is an oppressed identity.  We don’t even have a black prime minister in Canada; imagine how rough her life would be if blacks were in actual leadership positions here in the great white north? 

I suppose the official apology given by our pit bull in a sweater vest Harper to Native Canadians must have just pushed her right over the edge.  It certainly should not matter that they have endured terrible crimes against humanity at the hands of God fearing white Canadians.  What this woman longs for is the days when Native Canadians  were trapped on reservations, and the Prime Minister could feel safe justifying the horse whipping of any black man who dared to attempt to “corrupt” the innocence and beauty of a fragile white woman.  It makes you want to sing those were the days doesn’t it?

Well she has found support of like minded beings. Even though she claims that she is not a white supremacist and is only seeking to assert pride in her European heritage, this candidate for mommy of the year is attempting to raise funds for a legal defence The Aryan Guard.

 It’s not about sacrificing my kids, it’s about fighting for what’s right and what’s right is my freedom as a mother to be a mother. They’re making it more about politics than I am. They’re trying to make examples, not only of me, but they’re trying to make examples of my kids and I don’t appreciate that.

If she isn’t sacrificing her children, why will she not consider that perhaps her racist attitude is wrong?  The government is not making an example of her children, they are acting in the best interest of them.  If one is filled with hate, how can you possibly think critically?  This is a form of abuse as it mentally stunts how the children in question will come to view the world.  Simply because there are no visible welts, broken bones or scars does not mean that what she has done will not leave these poor children marked for life.

I agree that parents should have the right to pass on their religion and their personal beliefs but when said beliefs mean that the child will be harmed we must consider what is in the best interest of the child.  Children may be of us but they do not belong to us.  They deserve to be given every opportunity for growth that we can afford and wilfully allowing them to be stunted by hatred is not only is abusive, it sentences the rest of society to the perpetuation of these hateful ideas. 

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