Rachel Maddow takes on Richard Cohen The King of the Ex Gay Movement

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First let me start out by saying I have so much respect for Rachel Maddow because I am certain that I could not be as calm with someone whose work could potentially cause the death of so many.   Rachel took great care to point out that man is NOT licensed and yet he is being touted as an expert by the Ugandan government. 

Richard Cohen is as full of self hatred as it gets.  It would be one thing if he spent his days cleaning spider webs in his own closet of hell but to advocate that for others is truly harmful.  From the snippets of his wasted trees treatise book it is clear that man is grasping at straws.  Divorce and race cause homosexuality? Really what causes heterosexuality, ooops I forgot that is nature right?  I didn’t have a choice but every gay man and lesbian did.   I know why the man has brown eyes; he is literally swimming in his own shit.  cough. 

No matter what the marginalized group is, there are always those that are on the wrong side of the page because they have discovered that by making their personal self loathing public, that they stand to gain financially.  What men like Cohen don’t realize, is that even their so-called allies in hate cannot stand them.  No one likes a sell out but they will use one if it suits their political agenda.  Cohen is a self loathing colluding pawn and instead of speculating on the supposed agenda of the GLBT community, perhaps he should look at his own. Fake doctor, please heal thy self before you get anymore blood on your hands.

H/T Pandagon.

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