The Queen Of Mean

image Being a social justice blogger can be emotionally very trying.  I believe each one of us gets our share of hate e-mail and negative commentary.  At times it can be difficult to deal with and at others, believe it or not, it can be downright amusing.  I was recently awarded the fucktard troll of the week in a post entitled The Queen of Mean.  It seems the author believes that I truly hate white people and that I am a racist.

I’ve had the honors of receiving the “woman” as an offender a couple of times this week. The applications are flowing in.
Anyway, the “woman” that I speak about evidently likes to leave racist comments about “white folks” on other’s blogs. Even though every blog that I had visited to verify this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race period.
Dani Cally’s take on this woman:
I think personally that there’s way too much racism in the world. I also believe that because she’s not “white” and can vocalize this, most people seem to accept her sorry ass views instead of telling her to shut the fuck up.
The blog : Womanist Musings, which in turn makes me really want to change my gender and my race!!
This wannabe woman seems to envy Angelou Maya so much that she literally degrades her own thoughts and views while blogging her hatred towards “white folks” in EVERY blog post as well as comments.
My answer to her/it : This ” half whitey ” is quite proud of what she is, I’m sorry my dear that you are not !!
So on that note with your “abolish whiety’s views”, you have won the Fucktard award.
Enjoy, but P.S it was created by a white woman..
PPS. Your “donation” button is very tacky as well as degrading to us folks that actually work.


I wonder if they have visited Pat Buchanan’s website to tell him to take down his donation button, considering he certainly makes several times more than me?  Oh, I guess when white men spend their lives spreading hate, and racism, while attempting to legitimize undeserved White privilege, it’s just business as usual and is nothing to be concerned about…. Sorry not feeling any shame over that one, especially when the screed reads like house slave 101.

The author claims to be half Black and if this is truly case I too would like to issue my own award.

imageShall we call it the Jesse Lee Peterson coonery award.  Yep, that’s right you self hating negro; if the shoe fits wear it.  While  I’m at it, do you believe that 95% of Black people hate Whites as well?  I knows boot lickin is hard work and I commend ya for ya efforts. I would tell you to get your 101 on but remedial classes are where you belong. 

I have spent the majority of my adult life speaking truth to power and for some this is a difficult concept to grasp.  When a mind is colonized it can be hard to actually believe that there is value in Blackness, or even in the basic humanity of another.  It is threatening to move outside of the constructs that we have built in part because some believe that their already low social positioning could become worse, however; whether it is a black conservative (yeah I know oxymoron) like Peterson, Booties Everywhere Television, or the idiot owner of the blog in question, coonery is coonery.  It is self serving and as addictive as crack cocaine.

I have been linked by white supremacist groups and men’s rights groups, both of whom have no right bitching about a damn thing in this world, but this nonsense only serves to prove how ridiculous their arguments are.  From the bottom of my supposedly racist, man hating heart, I appreciate the award;  it affirms that I am on the right track.  When someone goes to the effort to write a hate post, obviously I have touched a nerve.  Oh BTW enjoy the hits that this post will give to your negative technocrati blog, yet more proof that you are about as relevant as a stank fart on a hot summers day.

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