Put A Purity Ring On It

Because I believe in the policy of sharing that I learned in kindergarten, I present you with the following monstrosity.

Description: The video begins with a young girl being sitting in a car, being pressured to have sex with her boyfriend, while she is reading the bible. He informs her that he has the house to himself and that she should come over.  She then enters into what can be described as nothing but a nightmare to the tune of Beyonce’s Put a Ring on it.   The lyrics are essentially about promising to choose and love God and making the choice to wear a purity ring to keep herself pure, because this is what God wants.  When the scene shifts back to the car, she tell him she won’t be joining him because she has, “already put a purity ring on it.”
While some may wish to look at this video as an example of female agency it reads to me like a bunch of teenage girls that have been duly indoctrinated. Theses types of ideas about sex and sexuality don’t just pop out of mid air when the body’s natural instinct is to be sexual. I am all for teenagers choosing abstinence, but insinuating that if they decide to be sexual, that a bolt of lightening is going to strike them from the sky and mark them as unclean is bullshit. Telling them that this is path to proving one’s faith is indoctrination.  Furthermore, while there are certainly boys that are curious and interested in sex, the assumption that girls don’t have the very same desire and must serve as gatekeepers IS SEXIST.  Girls get turned on, just as boys do, and shocker of all shockers, they want to have sex as well.  There is nothing amoral or abnormal about this. When I see the Christian patriarchy concerned about boys having teenage sex then I will believe the issue is about protecting children from making decisions that they are not ready to handle – until such time it falls under the heading of sexist Christian claptrap.

None of these purists ever admits the sexist nature of this request and instead wrap it up in God and the bible.  This is about nothing but controlling women and indoctrinating young girls to believe that their bodies belong to their future husbands.  One of the things that galls me about this nonsense is they never for one minute consider any sexuality that isn’t heterosexual.  What if you have no desire to have a dick inside you are you supposed to remain chaste all of your life?  Oops s’cuse me, forgot that bigots usually don’t consider sex between women to be sex.

Instead of raising young girls to think of themselves as property, we need to be teaching them to make the right decisions for them period.  How about, don’t have sex unless you want to and you feel safe?  How about sex is a beautiful thing to share with another person and no one should judge you on seeking pleasure?  Yeah, I know to forward thinking and unless I can find a patriarchal biblical post for it, it’s irrelevant right.

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