Protestant and Catholic Faiths in the UK Have United in Hate

This is a guest post from Sparky, of Spark in Darkness.  Many of you are  familiar with him from Livejournal, as well as from his insightful and often hilarious commentary here. Each Tuesday, Womanist Musings will be featuring a post from Sparky.

After centuries of strife between Protestant and Catholic faiths in the UK it is often touching to see the two come together in agreement and solidarity. After so much strife , seeing these 2 so-often antagonistic forces actually agree would be touching.

Except, of course, they’re coming together to be bigoted homophobes. United in hate, they are losing their shit over the much much much much delayed marriage equality laws in the UK (though each time they present it as a brand new concept – very crafty deceptive spin there Ms. Featherstone, the Tories lucked out getting you on side)

Past Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey (who has never ever missed a chance to be a homophobic arse) says that marriage equality is apparently one of the “greatest political power grabs in history”. A statement that makes zero logical sense. It’s also cultural “vandalism” which makes even less sense. Current Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (he who is pretty ok with his church being involved in the Uganda Kill-the-gays bill) is worried about us trying to change our culture – that equality stuff will just ruin his cultural tradition. And tipped-to-be-future Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York John Sentamu (who couldn’t even bring himself to sign the Cambridge Accord condemning violence against GBLT people) calls marriage equality a dictatorial act. Because dictators always support equality, y’know. And we can’t be having uppity gay folks thinking we’re equal to straight people.
On the Catholic side Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien has given up any pretence of being reasonable and has called marriage equality “madness and grotesque” and has compared it to legalising slavery. Yes, slavery. The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols (leader of the Catholic church in England and Wales) has huffed about us “annexing” the institution of marriage. Yes we be conquering your nuptials! I’m not even going to quote the Pope because that man is every bit as hateful and vile as the Westboro Baptist Church’s Fred Phelps and the only difference is that there are a whole lot more Catholics empowering him than Rev Phelps could ever dream of having.

I am so beyond tired of this bigotry –  and it is bigotry, just because you’re holding a Bible doesn’t make it any less bigotry – and they arrogantly deciding that the bigotry of their faith should be imposed on the whole country by law.

And I’m tired of it coming up over and over again. We have Christians screaming persecution because they’ve been refused as foster parents after openly admitting that if those children – already vulnerable through the foster system – turned out to be GBLT they couldn’t support them. We have Christian adoption agencies squealing because they’d rather pander to their bigotry than give kids the best possible homes. We have Christian hoteliers whining because they can’t put up straights-only signs in the window. We have street-preachers attacking passing gay people in the street in the vilest possible ways then howling (and the only thing more sickening than that is that the street preacher WON his case to abuse passing gay people because it’s his freaking faith to be a raging bigot). We even have “sex-education material” in schools which says being gay stems from being abused with the education secretary Michael Gove openly defending this homophobic bullshit.


  • You are not persecuted because you cannot be a bigot. 
  • Your faith does not excuse your bigotry. 
  • Your faith and bigotry does not give you an excuse to abuse us, restrict us, discriminate against us or otherwise make our lives hell. 
  • Your hatred (and don’t even TRY that “hate the sin” bullshit because I am so not in the mood) is not good or moral or justified. It’s hate. It’s prejudice. It’s bigotry. It’s wrong. It’s evil. And no amount of Bible waving will change that. 
  • And if you think you are unable to practice your faith because of laws against hate speech or discrimination or for equality then my only question is WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FAITH? 
  • Seriously, because if your faith NEEDS you to be a prejudiced arsehole like the Archbishops and Cardinals above then what is some twisted theology. What is wrong with you? 
  • In fact, I’ll go further, if you need exemptions in the equality laws for your faith, if you need loopholes to be bigots then what is wrong with your church? Why would you even admit that? 
  • Why aren’t these people aren’t embarrassed? “My church needs to be protected against equality” why isn’t this shameful? Why aren’t they shuffling away, afraid to show their faces, and thinking why it’s so important that they preserve the right to be bigots? Why aren’t they horrified by the fact that they NEED an exemption to equality laws? 
  • Bigotry is bigotry. It’s not excusable or justifiable and rather than showing your arses in public all the damn time, you should be lowering your heads in shame.
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