Present Your Documentation, You Are on Stolen Land

The following video is absolutely brilliant in its challenge of race and national borders.  All of those who are standing on their bully pulpits screaming that America is for Americans, forget that every square inch of land has been stolen from First Nation citizens.  If these nationalists can decide that undocumented workers don’t belong, perhaps they should reconsider their own right to be in the U.S.


This is for the United States of America Ma’am, and we we are looking to see your documentation to show that you can be here on Native American land. Do you have something to show that you have a green card for being here on Indigenous land? 

As much as it’s about laws, it’s also an ecological project as well. The air has been poisoned, the rivers have been poisoned, the ocean has been poisoned, the forests have been decimated and this area is just overpopulated.  These people have just run rampant on this land; it is time to thin out their numbers.   (Begins to put on rubber gloves) Diseases, small pox wiped out hundreds of thousands.  Millions of people died from the diseases that you all brought over so just taking precautions. 

I think that this video makes a brilliant point about the damage that “illegal European immigrants” have done to the U.S.  It is ironic considering the land theft, near genocide, and various other atrocities that “illegal Europeans” would have the nerve to suggest that a group of people looking for opportunity and a better standard of living are a threat.   Across the globe the face of threat, has historically been White and despite the race neutral lie, it continues to remain that way.

H/T Stuff White People Do

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