The Post Racial, Multi Cultural World: Get Your Avoid My Privilege Card Here


So clearly this is a racist image.  According to Springfield, Missouri’s, this sign is located south of West Plains on U.S. 63. 


According to ALLVOICES this sign is located in North Carolina.

Well these are only visual representations of hate, why not hear it directly from the people promoting it.   Via Menstrual Poetry comes a video of McCain supporters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Her commentary on the video is a good read.

This is just a small collection of some the hate speech that has been protected under the guise of free speech in the last few days.  We are all expected to show shock and awe at the virulence of these actions. Only whiteness would have the audacity to be shocked by this behaviour.

Let’s see..hmm.. Every inch of North America is Aboriginal land which was stolen at the point of a gun, starvation, and the intentional introduction of disease.  Africans, or who we now refer to as African Americans were brought here in slave ships.  Even before arriving in North America so many died on the middle passage that it cannot be described as anything other than a genocide.  From 1607 to 1865 blacks suffered in the institution of slavery. They were beaten, raped and murdered.  They were forced to stand by helpless as their children were sold away from them at the whim of a white slave master.

image When finally white people decided to bring slavery to an end they simply instituted an informal brand of slavery with Jim Crow laws.  The KKK ran amok on the countryside ensuring that blacks lived in fear for their lives. This was the time when a family afternoon was having a picnic while watching black men get lynched.

Oh but that is all in the past isn’t it? No one living now owned slaves.  Just like no one now benefits from making sure that blacks don’t receive good educations and no one benefits from creating a prison industrial complex in which blacks are over represented that supports the economy of small towns while it exploits prison labour.  No one benefits from the continued destruction of the black family by the high rate of removal of black children from their mothers.  This must explain why in areas where corporal punishment is still practiced in schools black children are most often on the receiving end of the belt or rod.  If their own parents cannot handle them the school system must take extreme measures to deal with “uncontrollable behaviour”, it certainly is not because of a legacy of the floggings that occurred during slavery.

A white man announces that he is going to kill two black men and society applauds, while no one bothers to question who or what created the conditions that turned these men into thieves in the first place.   But we have got to have a society of law and order, and so when police just happen to taser a black person person to death we need to recognize that it is all for the greater good. When they accidentally kill an innocent person, run one over, or pull one over for either driving a car that just looks to nice, or happens to be located in an upscale neighbourhood we should all take a sigh of relief that police are so proactive.  If you  watch television or movies, you should recognize that the black person is always the criminal, or is deserving in someway of social discipline.

image Oooops I better watch my tone, someone might think that I am angry.  Now where did I leave that honey jar I am supposed to use to catch flies with?  Only white liberals could have the audacity to express shock and awe at the racial attacks used by McCain and his good ole boy, white sheet wearing fraternity of supporters.  Really, racism still exists?? Yeah, no shit Sherlock, and every single black person can tell you a story of how it has negatively impacted their lives. Wake the FUCK UP, this isn’t new, it isn’t even original. 

From the very beginning of western society the major goal was to privilege whiteness.  Have you witnessed a coup of the government?   Did the aboriginals suddenly get their land back?  Did I sleep through the social revolution? Since none of the aforementioned occurred, how could anyone possibly express shock that racism is still an issue Newsflash, until white people start owning their privilege and questioning their right to rule racism will continue to be a disgusting virus running rampant in society.  Stop playing lip service to equality and claiming that you are shocked.  If you are “surprised” by what is occurring right now, it is only evidence of the degree  to which you have tuned out the systemic inequalities that blacks live with everyday; being intentionally obtuse is a sign of privilege.

It must be nice to be able to turn your back on the ugliness in the world because you were born white.  You can be angry and not “appear” threatening. You can say racial commentary and then apologize, cause hey you didn’t really mean it. You can even justify threatening physical violence because you have a black friend. Right about here I was planning on doing a list of white privileges but you know what google unpacking the invisible knapsack your own damn self.  I’m tired of doing all of the work.  Whiteness exists with such extreme arrogance that not only does it expect complete servitude, it expects POC to pretend that we are not being used. 

OOOOPS did it again didn’t I.  I had better remember to ask the unhusband to pick up honey when he goes grocery shopping again.  I simply cannot be naturally sweet enough when it comes to racism.  I think it is because unlike white people who get to intellectualize about it, every day of my life I have to negotiate it.  Every day of my life I have to worry about what effect it is having on my children who are biracial but look black.  It is the sickness that keeps me up at night and it is a fear that I have to live with, in a way that those who have never had to deal with it will never understand. The least that you could do is just acknowledge racism for the soul crushing thing that it is.  The least you that could do is stop pretending that it is getting better, or that it is non existent, because it is an insult to my very existence and a denial of my humanity.

OH BTW, voting for Obama doesn’t make you a liberal anti-racist, there is no get out of jail free card for owning privilege.  Sorry to burst your bubble about the post racial, multicultural world. 

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