PeTA Takes On The Pro Life Movement

There are not often times when you can honestly wish that both sides of a debate are unsuccessful but when PeTA attacks the pro-life movement, who in good conscience can you root for?

A new super Planned Parenthood is being built in Houston.  The pro-life movement is referring to the building as an “abortion super center”.  They are always happy to ignore the fact that Planned Parenthood offers a lot more than abortions.  If it were not for their services, many poor women would be without medical treatment.   The following is a list of a few of the services offered:

  • checkups for reproductive or sexual health problems
  • breast exams
  • cervical cancer screening — including Pap tests
  • fibroids testing and treatment
  • follow-up and treatment for abnormal Pap tests
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • incontinence treatment
  • infertility testing and treatment
  • mammogram referrals
  • menopause and midlife services
  • sexual response education
  • routine physical exams
  • urinary tract infections testing and treatment
  • vaginal infections testing and treatment

Only a short sighted person could refer to Planned Parenthood solely as an abortion center.  The pro-life movement has begun to use Margaret Sangers racism, to energize the Black community to eliminate these vital centers.


Take a moment and look back to 1916.  You’ll find this woman, Margaret Sanger; starting what we know today as Planned Parenthood.  It was her beliefs that make up the foundation of Planned Parenthood, her racist  beliefs.  She called Black Americans, “human weeds” and “reckless breeders”. Then she started she started the Negro Project to eliminate the ones that she thought were undesirable.  What Sanger built so long ago continues to this very day. The racist agenda is alive and well and they’ve hidden it right under our noses.  I mean right now 2 out of3 Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are in Black  American neighbourhoods and now the are focusing on the growing Hispanic community, which bumps the number up to 76%.  Do we even know this?  Probably not, but Bound for Life wants to change that.  Right now in Houston Texas, Planned Parenthood is building their biggest temple to this racist agenda.  It will be the 2nd largest abortion facility in the world.  It’s a massive 78,000 square feet and it’s being built for one purpose: to expand abortion on an unprecedented scale.  As former director Abby Johnson has said, “one of their goals is to make money and they way that they make money is to increase the number of abortions.  Whose money are we talking about here?  This monstrosity is being built right in the middle of 4 super neighbourhoods and guess who lives there?  One is 85% Black American and the other 3 are 85% Hispanic.  This is wrong, really wrong.  It’s time for the abortion issue to become a justice issue.  On January 18th, that’s Martin Luther King day, we are calling for everyone that cares about justice and the future of America to join Bound for Life and thousands of Black and Hispanic Americans as we march to this Planned Parenthood supercenter.  It’s time to subpoena the conscience of the nation. Go to for information and shape the path of history.

Suddenly these Black conservatives are concerned about race.  Bishop Harry Jackson in particular has aligned himself with the Republican party.  Can anyone tell me the last time a member of the GOP party actually gave a damn about Black folks?  This is a man that declared that God told him to work for the re-election of George Bush and we all know how hard Bush worked for improvements in the Black community. Katrina survivors are so thankful that he was in office at the time of the hurricane. He has also come out fighting against universal healthcare, calling it reverse classism?  I wonder if the scores of uninsured Black people resent the opportunity to see a doctor? Just in case you think that he cannot be full of more win, he  has also worked stridently to fight same-sex marriage. For a man so interested in Black issues, it seems that there are plenty of Black people that he is willing to oppress.

Jackson and his Bound for Life, are an organization that needs to be challenged at every turn but should PeTA really be the ones engaging in debate?   PeTA is attempting to have billboards placed for the march.


Reads PETA’s press release:

When pro-life supporters arrive in Houston on January 18 to protest the future opening of a 6-story PP facility, they may be met with a challenge. That’s because PETA is negotiating with outdoor advertisers to place a billboard ad near the building – an ad that shows newly hatched chicks and reads, “Pro-Life? Go Vegan. PETA.”

PETA’s goal? To urge people in the pro-life movement to respect the sanctity of life every time they eat – by rejecting the slaughterhouse.

“Eating meat supports horrible cruelty to animals, and of course, it also entails killing them,” says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich. “Everyone who is ‘pro-life’ has the opportunity to show it every time he or she sits down to eat – by choosing a vegetarian diet.”

PeTA has proven repeatedly that it does not care about life.  It’s advertisements and media stunts have sexualized women, attacked fat people, have been homphobic as well as transphobic and they are not at all shy to use racism to prove their point. Less than a week after Dr. Tillers murder, they rolled into town to place their offensive billboards. 

PeTA has never been about respecting life and this is a major commonality between the two groups.  How dare they interject themselves into this debate for a cheap publicity stunt.  The lives of women are at stake and all they can concern themselves with is their warped agenda.  Abortion is not now or ever has been an act of cruelty, when performed by trained medical professionals and to equate abortion with their agenda, is to once again appropriate women’s bodies. 

Each side is dependent upon cheap rhetoric and neither side truly values what is at stake here.  These centers are in neighbourhoods of colour because we largely comprise the poor.  Without access to centers like Planned Parenthood, these women who are the least likely to have health insurance would have nowhere to turn for their medical needs.  Women are not pawns to be moved on a chessboard to score political points and if either side truly cared about women, their agenda would be to support them in their efforts to lead healthy and full lives rather than sexualizing, slut shaming, and appropriating their bodies at every turn.

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