PeTA Hopes to Turn O.J Simpson's Home Into a Meat is Murder Museum

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Now that O.J is in jail, he is obviously experiencing cash flow problems.  His home is about to go into foreclosure, and PeTA of course is hoping to capitalize on this event.  Before getting into this, I feel the need to say upfront that I have no sympathy for O.J.  Though he was not convicted of murder, there can be no doubt that he beat his now deceased wife Nicole Brown Simpson repeatedly, leaving her body with unspeakable bruises. No man that raises his hand to a woman is worthy of any kind of empathy.

O.J is apparently owes $725,000 on his house, and this figure includes overdue principal, interest, fees and penalties. Considering that he is now serving time for kidnapping and armed robbery, due to an extremely foolish attempt to reclaim his own items, it’s clear that this house will soon belong to JP Morgan Chase. PeTa is hoping that JP Morgan Chase will either agree to give them the home, or sell it to them for a nominal fee, in order for them to turn it into a Meat is Murder museum. Has your stomach turned yet?

Ingrid Newkirk presented her justification in the following statement:   

“Our museum will remind visitors that violence may not always be preventable but that it sometimes can be prevented and that nonviolence begins on our plates.” 

“For instance, many wonderful flesh-and-blood individuals—who feel pain and fear as acutely as humans do and who value their lives in much the same way—are knifed to death every day for nothing more than a fleeting taste of flesh.”

Animals are slaughtered in an inhumane fashion on a daily basis for the purposes of our consumption and it is a wrong that needs to be rectified, but it is not now, or ever will be anything like what Nicole Brown Simpson went through.  This is appropriation of a most heinous crime, proving once again that there is no low that PeTA is unwilling to sink to for attention.  PeTA has a long history of sexually exploiting women to spread their message, and this latest step once again reifies that women are without value to PeTA, and that animals are all that matter.

As terrible as slaughter practices are, there are women in desperate need of support who are ignored. There is a link between animal abuse and violence in the home, but PeTA is in no way attempting to link this in their bid to create a Meat is Murder House out of O.J’s soon to be former home. Once again, all they are interested in is a sensationalist stunt, rather then examining the brutality of the issues. I am not one who believes that we can place the life of any animal over and above the life of a human being, and that is specifically why their latest stunt is particularly gross. PeTA’s approach is particularly damaging because it reduces the value of women by comparing us to animals.

As a woman of colour I feel the comparison to animals is particularly heinous.  For the length of our time in colonized spaces, we have been compared to animals as a way to reduce or value and to assert that we are worthy of inhumane treatment.  Though Nicole Simpson is not a woman of colour, the fact that O.J. was known to the police as an abuser and she had a restraining order, still not protect her from death.  She died because a restraining order isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  Her case highlights that class does not protect one from domestic violence and in fact makes it easier for the perpetrator to step around.  When it comes to O.J. and Nicole Simpson, the only discussion should be about domestic violence and this disgusting attempt to co-opt what happened to  Nicole Brown Simpson does not do that.  It makes her a secondary character though she is the victim.  If PeTA does not have the decency to respect this horrendous history of violence, how can anyone in good conscience claim that they are pro woman and therefore worthy of our time?

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