PeTA Gets Into Bed with Glenn Beck

Starting at :19 seconds

Beck: PeTA has been trying to get Al Gore off his addiction of eating animals for quite some time.  In fact I don’t think anybody has ever asked him and he’s answered.  Well we had to call PeTA. I have to tell you I don’t agree with a thing PeTA says, however the only two organizations that I have ever found consistent, that don’t play the Washington game or special interest group, they just mean what they say and say what they mean, PeTA and the NRA. Other than that I always find that they are just doing special interest stuff.

51 seconds in: It’s a strange thing isn’t it Ingrid that you and I, I mean we can unite on principals.  It’s amazing isn’t it?

Ingrid: No I think it’s rather good actually.

There you have it.  PeTA has always been shameful in their organizing tactics and so it comes as no surprise, that they would get into bed with someone as scurrilous as Glenn Beck.  How can this organization possibly be taken seriously and lauded for their “principals,” when they continually deny the humanity of marginalized groups and are willing to align themselves with a well known racist, and misogynist.   Oooh but it all makes sense, because PeTA has been willing to engage in racism, transphobia, homophobia, classism, and misogyny, to get their message out there. Perhaps, a partnership with Glenn Beck was a dream in the making.  Congrats PeTA for always choosing to align yourself with the worst segments of society.

If you wish to congratulate PeTA, or share your utter disgust you can reach them on twitter at @officalpeta

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