PeTA Believes Veggies Love Is All About Exploiting Women

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you are well aware of my absolute disdain, nay hatred for PeTA.  In the name of ending animal cruelty, there is no ism that they will avoid exploiting. Last year they offered 3 million to have a commercial aired which was basically one step below porn.  This year they decided to go a cheaper route and simply make a commercial with the out takes from last year. The commercial has gone from looking like stylized porn to badly done home made porn, proving that you can always sink lower.

The following video is not safe for work and is highly sexual.


A male director asks women in bikinis to show him their profile, their hands and then to do a 360 turn.  He then says why don’t you grab a vegetable and show us how much love it.  The women began to simulate oral sex with many of the vegetables, while rubbing them against their bodies.  There are several scenes in which two women take on sexual poses with vegetables and in one, a woman squeezes a tomato all over her body. 

So all of you people that believe that this is all about female agency, can just be quiet.  There is absolutely no relationship between choosing a vegan lifestyle and the sexualization of women, other than PeTA’s absolute reliance on exploiting marginalized people for attention.  For the sake of promoting their ideology, they have turned women into little more than a product to consume.  The common saying is that sex sells, but what we are really saying is that women exist for the sexual gratification of men.

Every time that I think that PeTA cannot sink any lower, somehow they manage to create yet another disaster.  They don’t seem to care that animals at any cost, means that those that are the most marginalized in society are continually reduced.  What is this but an affirmation of the very same hierarchy they claim to be fighting? Their approach simply places animals above marginalized people.  I have said repeatedly and will continue to believe, no animal, is the equal of human being.  This is not to say that they treated in cruel ways but that their needs don’t justify exploiting already oppressed members of society.

We get different Superbowl commercials in Canada, and so I have no idea whether or not this ad was aired.  Perhaps by posting the video, I am giving PeTA the same attention that they sought when they   produced it, but not speaking about it, feels like embracing something that is so clearly exploitation.  It is my hope that before giving PeTA unilateral support in the fight to end animal cruelty, that by talking about the damage incurred, people will consider seeking organizations that don’t ‘other’ marginalized people to get their message out there.  Your lifestyle choice does not embolden you with the right to exploit and the sooner people realize this, the better off we all will be.

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