Perhaps Peaches Geldoff Got Lucky

image Max Drummey, the guitarist for Chester French, has admitted that his brief marriage to Peaches Geldoff was a hoax. Apparently even as they swore to a lifetime of fidelity, Peaches was on the payroll as a “friend for money” After a quick 10-day romance they were married in Las Vegas and divorced in February. Though this marriage was to garner publicity for the band, from the lack of attendance at what was only their fourth London gig in Shoreditch, perhaps marrying for the sake of attention is not the wisest PR move.

When one plan fails, it is always best to have a back up and it seems that Drummey has decided to garner attention through offensive language. In a rant reported by the Daily Mail regarding the alleged domestic abuse situation between Chris Brown and Rihanna Drumney stated, “‘We’re guys who have been hurt by women and I’m glad people like Chris Brown are finally taking it back and hurting women.’

Whether this marriage was a hoax or not, any woman spending significant amounts of time with this man is in danger because he believes that violence against women is justifiable for hurt feelings. Violence is just one of the ways in which men express power coercively over women.

Domestic Battery in many instances leads to death. According to the United Nations of the UK, two women will die of domestic abuse every week. In a recent study seventy-four percent of British men would report a dog being beaten, but only fifty-three percent of men would report a domestic violence incident.

Children who are reared in homes in which violence is a regular occurrence often grow with anti-social issues as well as experience long absences from school. Those that identify with the abuser will go on to abuse their future spouses and children. The longer the abuse, the greater the circle of victimization becomes.

Violence against women occurs on a daily basis, and because of our second class standing, it is not taken seriously. Some will openly speak out against those who beat their wives and yet take no issue with violence in the media or in comedic routines because they are not deemed real. It is quite easy to dismiss the commentary of a man like Max Drummey as the rantings of an immature youth; however, language all too often translates into action.

Language is a reflection of our shared social beliefs and therefore if we find it humorous or not worthy of commentary when violence against women is discussed in the mainstream media, it is because we have already deemed women to be of little value socially. When women speak out against such language, we are accused of being too sensitive and yet it is our bodies that will ultimately be broken to maintain undeserved patriarchal privilege. Drummey is a product of our social world and though what he said was reprehensible, it is merely a reflection of the ways in which violence has become institutionalized. His marriage to Peaches Geldoff may well have been a publicity stunt but clearly an intimate relationship was not in her best interest to begin with. Identifying with a man that has been accused of beating his girlfriend is a sure marker of someone who has internalized violence as a right of masculinity.

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