The Perfect Vagina

I do recommend watching all of the following videos.  We don’t talk about our vaginas or how we feel about them and this leaves far too many women feeling isolated and freakish.  Is it any wonder that labiaplasty has become such big business?  Already far to many women don’t know what real breasts look like because of the high rate of surgery and soon, the vagina will be next.  What these videos remind us is that we really need to love ourselves as we are.  There is nothing unnatural about our bodies despite what the media and profiteering surgeons  will say.

I will say that I found it problematic, that once again White women were the sole representatives of womanhood.  How can you have a true discussion about women or even amongst women, when Whiteness is presented as the norm?  Other than Muslim women, are WOC of color having these surgeries, why or why not?  I am sick of seeing women discussed in a monolithic way when clearly we are not monolithic beings.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6

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