Pastor James Manning: Internalized Racism Has A Face

I have previously posted a video from this raving lunatic, wherein he called Oprah a whore, and referred to Obama and the reverend Wright as pimps.  While it easy to just dismiss this man as an idiot and a troll, it would be dangerous to do so.  He has repeatedly made public statements that undermine the racism that blacks must deal with on a daily basis.  Systemic institutions like racism and patriarchy rely on those who internalize the hatred aimed at them to support their message of intolerance. The easiest way to control a large group of people is to convince them to police themselves, hence Jews policed the ghettos, and slaves informed the master of escape attempts.

What is Pastor Manning but an educated slave?  Racists use him to support the idea that blacks are to blame for their own poverty.  White privilege certainly could not be considered a major factor in the land of the red, white and blue. That he would have the audacity to claim that slavery does not still have a lasting effect today is proof of his racial hatred.  He does not want to be associated with the weak and the poor of this society, and therefore he rejects blackness.

Manning is the perfect dupe for white supremacists. He tells them reassuringly that they do not continue to benefit from racial privilege.  He confirms their closeted beliefs that blacks are carrying a chip on their shoulder that has no basis in truth. Just as sexism has its colluder so does racism.  He will be used to justify the systemic inequalities that continue to block the advancement of POC.

Whites don’t need to feel guilty for the racist drug laws that continue to imprison a generation of young black men.  Whites do not need to feel guilty for the terrible state of inner city schools in comparison to the manicured lawns of suburban institutions. Education is the key to success in this global economy and therefore  for as long as blacks are excluded from the opportunity to learn in safe, and clean buildings they will continue to occupy the bottom of the economic pyramid. 

What white people can do is pat themselves on their collective backs for always having the willingness to hire POC to work as nannies, drivers, housekeepers, gas attendants etc.  We will forever be thankful that we have always been offered just enough economic stability to keep from completely starving.  I sho nuff working hard bass. 

He uses the false ideology of meritocracy to buffet his claims of black resentment.  If as a child you must go to school without breakfast because your parents are to poor to provide food, how can you rise above that.  If you must hurry to get your homework done because this month mommy and daddy couldn’t pay the electric bill what kind of start in life is this?  If you have four addresses in three years because your family keeps being evicted for an inability to pay rent, how will you ever learn what security is?  How is this child to react if miracle upon miracles she/he manages to get good grades and their teacher recommends them to classes  that are not in a college stream?

What if this same hypothetical child manages to go through school only to be stopped for driving while black or arrested because she/he fits the general description of someone the police are looking for?  What if this same black child manages to make it to adulthood and gets gunned down on the night before his wedding? 

The aforementioned constitute the collective chip that sits righteously on the shoulders of African Americans.  That he cannot acknowledge the truth of them is not only proof of his internalized racism but the degree to which whiteness still seeks to subvert the realities of racial privilege.  Shame on you Manning, you are a worthless colluder.


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