Palin Can't Name A Supreme Court Decision

CBS finally revealed the much talked about segment of the interview where Palin once again revealed her inadequacy.  No one could possibly be this dim. What is she, the female Forest Gump?  I am starting to believe that this is some sort of weird set up, to make us have low expectations for her when she debates Biden.

She didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was, gave a rambling answer when she was asked about the bailout, and now it has been revealed that she could not could not come up with a single supreme court decision that she was in disagreement with.  All poor Couric could do was blink her eyes at Palins incoherence.  I didn’t think it was possible but slowly she making George Bush look intelligent.  I simply do not see how it is possible for the GOP to continue to defend her and claim that she is ready for the responsibility that comes with being the VP. 

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