An Open Letter to Jezebel

So I occasionally glance over Jezebel, but I admit that I rarely read the comments because they have been known to be vile.  When I saw this: New Mommy Argument, You Do Not Have A Right To Child Free Spaces, I simply had to comment. Really Jezebel.  Is this how you people get off? Yeah, I said you people.  “celebrity, sex and fashion for women” my ass.  What you seem to do is take the e-power that you have gained by having an enormous budget and platform to attack smaller bloggers/blogs.  As large as feministe is, it is no Jezebel and Maia has an even smaller blog than that.  It seems to me that when we bloggers dare to step out of line, Jezebel is there to yank our panties down and spank us. How is that for sexual imagery? Is that snarky enough for you?

When I wrote a post declaring why I was not a feminist, Jezebel was quick to put me in my place.  And now I can see they are repeating the same pattern with yet another woman of colour.   They bring smaller blogs/bloggers to the mat for punishment and ridicule by throwing these women at their large readership, like Daniel to the lions, in full knowledge that there is no mechanism for holding them accountable for their actions.  Oh their editors are trying to make the place less hostile and they genuinely believe that they do justice to the various issues faced by women (note: you can always talk yourself into bullshit), so everything is snarky and good on planet Jezebel. Since they don’t identify specifically as feminist, they don’t have to even try to play by any decorum now do they.  I am an ant standing next to a giant, but with what little power I have, I want to say sincerely from the bottom of my heart, fuck you Jezebel. 

Fuck you for the way that you continually marginalize WOC and then have the nerve to declare that you are inclusive.  Fuck you for the way that you ignore class, disability, trans women.  Just generally speaking, fuck you.  You claim to be above it all, blogging celebrity, style, and news whenever your sorry asses are called to the mat, but you are not above sticking your nose in to shame someone to earn cool points.  What the fuck were you thinking when you handed Maia over to the pack of jackals that you call commenters?  The only thing that you could possibly be thinking is to uphold that party line and shame yet another WOC. But then you “don’t do race” unless it means you are taking the opportunity to be racist, or to belittle a WOC.

I know that this post won’t be answered and that Jezebel much like a leopard will not change it’s stripes, but for what it is worth, I felt like I had to say this for all of us single bloggers that are fighting an uphill battle each day to be heard.  We don’t have a fucking staff and editors.  We cannot put up a new post every 10 freaking minutes and many of us do not pander to the masses, but we do good work – important work.  I will take 1 small blog over 1000 Jezebels everyday.  I think your tagline is a misnomer, because clearly you write for a certain group of women — Jezebel never has been, nor will be inclusive.  How many clusterfucks do you have to start before this becomes acknowledged as a universal truth?  I pity the young person that stumbles across Jezebel in search of enlightenment, because what they will get is a crash course in how to use their power and privilege to harass, minimize and silence women.

I birthed my children with my woman’s cunt and I raise my children with a woman’s heart, therefore what harms them harms me.  Yeah me, a woman and a mother.  But like many groups of marginalized women, mothers are not hip and trendy enough to be given any respect, especially when women are supposedly trying to prove that we can be as good as men in every sphere.  Let’s out drink them, let’s out fuck them, let’s out work them, and if that means throwing a few women under the bus because they have taken on traditional female roles then so be it right?  Well, fuck you again because we will not be invisible, we will not be silenced.  These modern empowered women seem to have forgotten that much of women’s organizing came out of wanting to elevate the status of women and children, but hey– now empowerment comes from talking about how much booze we  drink while we fuck nameless men without being guilty.  Fuck who you want, party until you fall flat on your fucking face, but don’t think for one moment that you have any more right to existence or to take up space, than any other person on the planet and this includes an innocent beautiful child.  Buy your trendy clothing, promote your stars, vegan eating, and theories of correct womanhood, but even as you do this, understand that you are just as restrictive as patriarchy.

Oh and  before I end this little missive, I would like to give you a piece of constructive criticism that you can feel free to grope:

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