Only 4.99 To Own A Racist Black Bobble Head

In yet another stunning example of how post racial our world has become. DealExtreme has decided to sell the following dolls.

image                   image



Yeah…. it’s funny ha ha to make fun of people because of race and if you can somehow manage to make a profit off of your racism so much the better.   I’m surprised they didn’t have a collection of Mammy salt and pepper shakers to go with the bobble heads.

Every time I hear that blacks need to get over the past because Obama is president I think of images like this.   We have not progressed if  people believe that such “toys” are acceptable. 

As a sit here watching my cursor flash on the screen I cannot help but wonder if I really need to say anything else.  Does it need to be said that these dolls are hurtful?  I often get called angry, and hostile by those that seek to discipline me but what they refuse to acknowledge is the pain that comes from having to look at images like this with the knowledge that they are meant to specifically demean Blacks.  I think about my young children sleeping peacefully in their beds and know that the world that I brought them into is filled with hatred towards them, despite the fact that they are beautiful little boys.

For now I am able to prevent them from seeing dolls like this but in the future they will come to know that they, through the legacy of my womb, are considered second class citizens. It will affect not only how they view the world but ultimately how they view themselves.  As much as it pains me as a person, as a mother it hurts me even more.  I know that in the future my boys will face racist images like this and I will be unable to protect them from the hurt and the pain.  These dolls are not harmless and the 4.99 that people spend purchasing them supports the idea that Blacks are less than and limits our ability to lead lives free of discrimination.

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